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Thursday, October 19, 2000

Who Let the Kitties Out?

My Motor City Kitties (aka the Detroit Lions) march down to Tampa and go home with a 28-14 victory in a classic Black-and-Blue division smashmouth football game. I've never been more thrilled to be 0-1 in my weekly NFL picks. Hopefully the week-and-a-half off will be enough for Charlie Batch to recover from the pummelling he took from the Bucs D-line.

Q3A: Dreamcast vs. PC

The Shugashack has a series of news items (here, here, and here) on whether or not PC users will be able to play Quake III: Arena online against Dreamcast users. It seems like PC users will have to wait until early next year when the Dreamcast-ified versions of the Q3A maps are released.

I guess it isn't a big surprise that it's going to take so long. The Dreamcast maps had to be chopped down so much because of the console's more limited resources. Such an endeavor can't be a high priority for id, since it interests very few people and will make them little money.

Intel: RAMBUS = Mistake

The Financial Times is quoting Intel chief exec, Craig Barrett, as saying that Intel's alliance with RAMBUS was a "mistake". Here's my favorite quote from the article:
Intel became disgruntled with the company's [RAMBUS's] strategy. "We hoped we were partners with a company that would concentrate on technology innovation rather than seeking to collect a toll from other companies," Mr Barrett said.
Intel now is turning its attention to DDR RAM instead. Here's to hoping that this shift in focus makes RAMBUS go down the tubes. Thanks Shugashack.

NFL: Week #8

While I'm thinking about it, I hope I'm wrong but I'm picking the Bucs to beat the Lions on tonight. I'll get to my other picks later today or later this week.

The Master comments: Eeyore has picked the Bucs as well. Now to see how week 8 works out :-)

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Qbe Root: GenX Speaks Back

Our very own J.t.Qbe updated his Qbe Root column with a dandy entitled GenerationX Speaks Back. If you didn't catch Lisa Ling's manifesto in USA Weekend, read that first. Then come back and read J.t.'s well-reasoned rebuttal. I hate it when celebrities decide to take it upon themselves to speak for an entire generation. J.t. cares--you should too. Read and learn.


IPCHAINS turned out to be easier than I expected, thanks to a handy utility called PMFirewall. The installation script asks a few simple questions about your setup and then configures IPCHAINS rules for you! It's much easier than setting up a zillion rules all by yourself. Now my Linux box is as secure as I can reasonably hope it to be. If you want to setup a firewall and/or I.P. masquerading in Linux, it doesn't get a whole lot easier than using PMFirewall.


Heh-since complaining is news today :-)

I signed up with RoadRunner two and 1/2 weeks ago. I've gotten MAYBE 4 good days of connectivity from it. A lot of this appears to be problems in Chicago, but that's no excuse for an ISP that claims 1.5 mbps download speeds (which is complete and utter BS if you know anything about networking-don't chuckle too loud Skippy). The only thing keeping me going in this disaster is knowing that my online bill is gonna be mighty small this month, small consolation that may be . . .

Pondering the Imponderable

A subway series. Somebody shoot me. Good thing the NHL season is in full gear.

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