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Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Half-Life Tomorrow

Sierra has announced that the patch for Half-Life will be available tomorrow via auto-update at 11 A.M. U.S. Pacific time. A complete list of things included in the patch is available in this Haus news post from last Friday. Thanks Shugashack.

New Palm Desktop for Visor

Handspring quietly released an updated version of the Palm Desktop for their Visor line of PDAs. This brings the Win32 version to 3.1 and the Mac version to 2.6.1. Thanks Visor Central.

NFL Week #8 Final

What a wild Monday night game! With the Jets down 30-7 with a quarter of the game left I thought there would be no way I'd win that game. Somebody must've spiked Testaverde's Gatorade because the Jets scored 30 points in the fourth quarter (and got somewhere to the tune of 21 first downs) and won it with a field goal in OT at 12:20 A.M. Central time. I wonder how many folks in the east stayed up to watch the end of this one. It was a very entertaining game.

Thus the final score for NFL week #8 was 10-4 for me and 8-6 for Eeyore. Year-to-date I am 74-40 and Eeyore is 55-44. In the past three weeks I've been a rather robust 31-11.

Now that I'm done gloating, I must confess that I have Corey Dillon on my fantasy team, but I didn't start him because he hasn't done anything all year. All he got on Sunday was an NFL-record 278 yards and 3 TDs. That would have been almost 40 points for me. Aaarrrgghh.

The Master comments: Heh-we didn't watch. We were busy womping SafeZoners in QW. I may have to automate this NFL stuff next year. Could be a fascinating script to write :-)

UPDATE! by A.T. Hun Just got the results from my fantasy league. Thankfully, I won anyway, despite throwing away 39 points with Cory Dillon. That makes me 2-6 on the year. Hurray. Or something.

UT 435 Changes

OK, the patch revision number has been bumped up by one (in honor of a new week?). At any rate, Unreal Universe has posted a list of changes in UT 435, most of which deal with the editor and fixing bug introduced with the 432 patch. Thanks Blue's News.

Monday, October 23, 2000

Broadband Safety

Everyone is rushing to get broadband (high speed) Internet access. Unfortunately, not everyone is considering the security implications of having faster access. This Wired article interviews some computer security providers and some high-speed ISPs about the situation.

I found it somewhat disturbing that both a DSL and a cable provider would think that simply shutting off file sharing or dynamic I.P.s are enough security. Ask yourself how you would like a cracker having access to all your data or even using your computer as a part of a denial of service (DoS) attack. Then ask yourself if you really need a firewall or not. Thanks Slashdot.

Thankfully, setting up a firewall doesn't have to be hard or even cost anything. Windows users can download ZoneAlarm, an excellent free (for personal use) firewall. Linux users can download PMFirewall, a free script that will set up an ipchains firewall for you. You don't have any excuse. Be secure.

Elite Force Linux Server

Raven's James Monroe updated his .plan with word that all the bugs in the Linux server for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force have been squashed. Here's the goods:
well, after getting some insight from id and loki, Jim has solved the EF Dedicated Linux server issues. no more falling through the floor at inappropriate times!

Elite force dedicated server for Linux released!
The armor in the wall problems were fixed by turning off the fast-math, and it all seems good to go. grab the zip file over at

Assault "Bonus Pack"

Eavy (of Eavy's DarkMatch fame) opened up a website to announce the upcoming release of his Unreal Tournament Assault Bonus Pack. This bonus pack includes a mutator to fix some bugs with the assault game type, as well as offering some new and some modified maps. More info will follow daily before the release date (October 31). Thanks Stomped.

KDE 2.0 Final Released

The folks on the KDE team have released version 2.0 of their popular Linux desktop. Everything I've read about it so far has been very good. I may just try to install it once the Red Hat 6.2 RPMs are available. Might as well break everything :) Thanks Slashdot.

Nullsoft and AOL: An Uneasy Marriage has an interesting article on the uneasy relationship between AOL and Nullsoft. Last year AOL went insane and bought Nullsoft for $86 million (living proof that there is WAY too much money floating around). Since then Nullsoft has given AOL fits by releasing Gnutella (a peer-to-peer program similar to Napster) and a crack for AIM's ads. Although I find Nullsoft's .plan updates to be the most annoying things on the Internet since Britney Spears fan sites, I find it endlessly entertaining that they can make AOL so uncomfortable. Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: Hehe-the unholy alliance. Profit-mad AOL and profit-detesting Nullsoft. Gotta love it. I bet Frankel gives Steve Case nightmares all the time :-)

A.T. Hun comments: Must be tough detesting profits when AOL buys you for $86 million :)

The Master comments: Yup-they detest them NOW. When they took my $20 registration 3 weeks before going completely free, they didn't mind at all :-/

More SoF EAX Enhancements

Creative Labs has released more EAX enhancements for Soldier of Fortune. This latest installment adds EAX effects to the capture-the-flag levels in the game. Thanks Blue.

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