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Friday, November 3, 2000

Followup to "Who Cracked Microsoft?"

Last weekend we let you know about an article at which suggested that perhaps the free software/open source movement was behind the recent cracking of Microsoft's network. After reading that article, I sent an email to the author to tell him my disappointment in his unfounded suggestion.

Today I received an email from Andrew Leonard, author of that article. He reminded me about his followup article which actually appeared on Tuesday. In his article, he admitted that he was somewhat hasty in his suggestions and didn't intend to slander the entire community. Good reading. And while you're over there, check out his article series titled "The Free Software Project." He does some good work, and it's good to see that he's responsive to his readers too.


Okay, this sucks. A.T. was brought down by a cold earlier this week. Now I've got a nasty one too. It's gonna be a long winter . . .

In non-whiney news, I've finally found a decent tutorial for regular expressions online. The original author's site appears to be down or moved, and I found a mirror, so I figured I'd mirror it here as well. I need to clean it up, but I've already used it myself twice, so ugly or not it's useful :-) Enjoy.

Useful vi Resources and Tutorials

J.t.Qbe has compiled a handy list of Useful vi Resources and Tutorials. vi is a Linux text editor and a vital tool in every Penguinista's arsenal. What it lacks in user friendliness, it makes up in pure power. Check out those tutorials and you'll be a vi pro in no time flat.

More Doom

BootMax posted a brief set of interviews with various people working on updating the classic 2.5D shooter, id's Doom. While the article does suffer from a frightfully low paragraph/page ratio, it did inspire me to download a couple of these new Doom updates to try with my Ultimate Doom CD. Thanks Stomped.

Brian Burke Interview

GA Hardware posted a brief interview with Brian Burke, formerly of STB/3dfx, now with NVIDIA. Included is the inevitable question as to whether or not he "sold out" by leaving 3dfx and taking a job with NVIDIA. Thanks Blue.

Q3F Beta 1G Released

The Quake III Fortress team released beta 1G of their Team Fortress-esque mod (2.4M). You can check out a list of the changes here. Thanks Shugashack.

F&L: Authorization Angst

Our very own Wraith has updated his Fear and Loathing on the Internet column with his latest treatise entitled Treading Dangerous Waters on the High Seas. In this installment he voices his opinion on the subject of authentication servers for online games, in this case, Quake III Arena. Wraith is mad and he's not going to take it anymore. Read his new column, and he's going to have a little lie-down.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Linux Shogo Demo Follow-Up

I finally got the demo to work by getting the very latest version of smpeg from Loki. Unfortunately, there is some sort of problem with the NVIDIA 0.9-5 drivers that causes the game to be impossibly slow with them. Loki had the same problem with UT and has a thunk to work around it. The software rendering mode works, sort of, but is very slow and beyond ugly. I guess I'll have to wait until newer NVIDIA drivers come out before I can really try it.

Testing. . . testing. . .

J.t.Qbe here, reporting from my new install of Mandrake 7.2, complete with the much-awaited KDE2. I'm using the Konqueror web-browser/file manager/toaster to add this bit of news, and it's working well. This is not your father's KDE--it's faster, slicker, prettier. Check it out--it's definitely worth a look!

A.T. Hun comments: Sweet! So I assume that means my copy is in the mail? :)

J.t.Qbe comments: They're going into the mailbox tomorrow. . .

Linux Shogo Demo

Hyperion Software has released the Linux version of Shogo as a demo version. Here's a selection from the readme:You can download the demo and the readme from LinuxGames.

Okay, A.T. & Wraith, you can quit hyperventilating now :-)

A.T. Hun comments: I updated my Haus of Shogo with the link to this new demo. I'll have a review of it posted soon. Looks like I'll have to get back to finishing off my Shogo walkthrough!

I'm currently downloading the demo. One weird thing is that Blue's News says that it is a 28M download, but the file that's downloading is 36M. Hmmmm.

OK, I just checked Linux Games. The file is actually 36M. Blue's News just has the wrong information.

Bad news, sports fans. I can't get the demo to run! I installed it, installed SDL 1.1, and (after it told me it needed it) smpeg-0.4. The launcher comes up OK, but when I click on "Launch Game" I get this error:

./client: error in loading shared libraries: ./client: undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_delete

As of right now, Hyperion's website says nothing about the demo at all. I hope to find an answer to this one soon.

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