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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Censorware Blocks Political Sites

I've long been critical of censorware (software that blocks access to "objectionable" sites), not because I'm in favor of kids having access to pr0n, warez, or other such sites, but for several other reasons:
  1. It gives parents an excuse not to be parents and instead pass that responsibility to a third party.
  2. It limits the freedom of speech. While I abhor some of the viewpoints expressed on the web, they do have a right to voice their opinions. It is very dangerous to not allow certain groups to say what they want, simply because we disagree. As a devout Christian, I know that one of the first things to be censored into oblivion would be the Bible.
  3. It often blocks sites that shouldn't be blocked.
This article is a case in point for my third reason. It shows how Bess and Cyber Patrol have blocked access to some candidate's websites. It doesn't seem to be an ideological thing, since access has been blocked to conservative, liberal, and moderate sites, although Bess seems to have something against Republicans and Libertarians. Thanks Slashdot.

Alice screenshots

There's a selection of 5 yummy new snapshots up over on the Alice website. I really have a hard time believing that's the Quake3 engine driving that game. Wow.

Paul Jaquays Interview

ParkLan has posted an interview with id's Paul Jaquays. There's some pretty interesting questions on tips to keep framerates high in maps and new things to look forward to in Quake III: Team Arena. Thanks Blue.

Election Day!

It's election day in the United States. Get out to the polls and vote! If you don't, you can't complain about politics for another four years. So, what are you waiting for?

UPDATE! My wife and I just voted. You should too. It was somewhat unfortunate that neither this candidate nor this candidate were on the ballot, but you can't have everything.

UPDATE! (The Master) We've done our civic duty as well. Was a difficult election to decide on this year for myself-considering I'm not party minded, but we'll see how this sucker lands . . .

Monday, November 6, 2000

NFL Week #10 Final

Well, with the Packers, um, interesting victory, my final tally for this week is a more humble 9-6, Eeyore is 8-7. Year-to-date I am 93-50 (.650) and Eeyore is 70-58 (.546). 'Twas an unusally wacky week.

UT D3D Fix

There is a new Direct3D .DLL on the Unreal Technology Page that may fix initialization problems that GeForce owners have been reporting with Unreal Tournament 432. Thanks Blue's News.

Tim Sweeney Interview

VoodooExtreme posted yet another interview with Epic programming guru, Tim Sweeney. Topics include next-gen consoles, next-gen graphics cards, next-gen game engines, and anything they can slap "next-gen" in front of. I had to smile quietly to myself over the subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs he takes at LithTech and Jason Hall's endless .plan updates. Good stuff as usual from one of the top programming minds in the biz.

More SoF EAX Enhancements

Creative Labs released the third and final set of EAX enhancements for Soldier of Fortune. This batch improves EAX 3D audio effects in the "mission levels" which I assume means the single-player maps. Thanks Blue.

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