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Saturday, November 11, 2000

NFL Picks Week # 11

Eeyore here with my picks for this week . . . Bills, Patriots, Cowboys, Lions, Titans, Vikings, Steelers, Saints, Jaguars, Dolphins, Chiefs, Bucs, Giants, Jets, Raiders. Let's hope for a decent week for a change.

A.T. Hun comments: And here are mine: Lions, Bills, Cowboys, Saints, Jaguars, Titans, Vikings, Patriots, Steelers, Dolphins, Chiefs, Giants, Bucs, Colts, Broncos. Only two different, and those two are the prime-time games. I was thisclose to picking the Bengals over the Cowboys.

Baldur's Gate II Demo

Well, I finally got done downloading the Baldur's Gate II demo. One word of advice: make sure you use an FTP client that can restart downloads properly. I had to start one download that was half done and another that was (gulp) 95% done all over because of mysterious FTP disconnects. Also make sure you read the additional information on File Planet. That way you can actually save your character and start the game. *cough*

Friday, November 10, 2000

Unreal Fortress Beta 1 Released

The Unreal Fortress team announce the release of beta 1 of their Team Fortress-inspired mod for Unreal Tournament. It's a 26M download. It is available in umod and non-umod formats. There is a large list of mirrors for the mod available at the above link.

New Elite Force Demo

Raven's John Monroe updated his .plan with word that an updated demo for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is available for download.
New Holomatch demo released over at

This new demo of the Holomatch offers all three game play modes of the full game for you to try and enjoy. Several changes were made to Elite Force between the time of its original demo in July 2000 and the release of the game in September 2000. This demo reflects the multiplayer of the shipping version.
The demo is a relatively reasonable 31M.

DirectX 8 Released

Microsoft has released the runtime and SDK for DirectX 8.0. You can download them from their DirectX 8.0 page. One word of warning, if you aren't brave, you might want to wait to install this until reports start coming back of any incompatibilities with older DirectX titles. There is no official way to uninstall it. Forewarned is fore-armed. Thanks, Wraith, for the heads-up.

Jason Hall Talks Stupid Some More

There's a Q&A with Jason Hall up over on VoodooExtreme. There's a lot of smack talk in there. I'm sure A.T. will classify this article as flamebait. Enjoy.

A.T. Hun comments: That's precisely what it is. I don't know what he's hoping to accomplish out of all of this, other than to make himself look like a complete jackass. I read the interview earlier today and decided not to post it because of that. Until Lith produces something along the lines of Doom, Quake, or Unreal, he should just shut his festering gob and get to work.

The Master comments: My only reason for posting this is because I think we may be one of the few sites who see just how silly most of the *ahem* stuff Hall spews is. I'm always willing to pull the lever when idiots put their heads in the noose.

Hexen 2 Source Code Available!

Rick Johnson has announced in his .plan that Raven has released the sources for Hexen 2 and Hexenworld. Here's the skinny:
The Hexen 2 source code is now available! You can read the article on GameSpy by going to this Link or you can download it by going to this Link.

The download contains both the Hexen 2 Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus source code plus the HexenWorld multiplayer source code. All of the code was last compiled under Visual C V5.x, so it might take a little work to get them to compile under VC++ 6.x.

Netscape 6 Final Released--Maybe

There are reports out there that Netscape has released a 6.0 final version of its browser. This would seem surprising, given the current state of the Mozilla code. I wonder if this is another case of /. jumping the gun.

UPDATE! It does appear to be a false alarm. People claim to have downloaded something from Netscape's FTPs earlier today, but those directories are now closed off.

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