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Sunday, November 19, 2000

NFL Week #12 So Far

I'm taking a beating so far this weekend. I'm 8-6. Eeyore won both games we had different, so she is 10-4. That's right kids, I'm going to lose for the first time. Cheers to E!

Even More Shogo Walkthrough

I can't remember the last time I put this much time into my Haus of Shogo! I added walkthroughs for two more levels 09_Comm1: Infiltration and 10_Comm2: A Familiar Voice.

Aimbots in UT

I've seen on several sites that apparently somebody wrote an aimbot (code that enables you aim flawlessly) for Unreal Tournament. That's not a terribly big surprise, it was just a matter of time. I'm not a violent man by nature, but I've always felt that the best way to deal with aimbot authors is with an aluminum baseball bat.

The Master comments: Personally, I'd rather slow roast various portions of their anatomy over an open fire, but I think that's my dark and evil side showing >:-)

Saturday, November 18, 2000

NFL Week #12

Here are my fearless predictions for week 12 in the National Football League: Giants, Chiefs, Bucs, Raiders, Eagles, Colts, Titans, Patriots, Vikings, Broncos, Dolphins, Ravens, 49ers, Steelers, Rams.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Bucs, Colts, Titans, Bills, Vikings, Patriots, Raiders, Giants, Eagles, Broncos, Jets, 49ers, Ravens, Steelers, Redskins

Haus of Shogo Updates

In addition to the Shogo level walkthroughs I've been doing, I gave my Haus of Shogo a bit of a dusting, updating my links and rearranging a couple of the pages to make things a bit more organized. Check it out and let me know what you think.

More Mozilla Musings

I've been using various Mozilla builds (I'm currently using the November 14 build) as my exclusive web browser for the past month or so. There are still a few annoying bugs, but by and large it is stable enough to be my full-time browser now. I hardly ever use Netscape 4.7x anymore and almost never use IE 5.5. If you are using either of those browsers (especially Netscape 4.7x), I highly recommend checking out Mozilla. If you are interested in the nightly builds, MozillaZine rates each nightly build for usefulness, bugfixes, and stability.

Alice GOLD!

Jim Molinets has updated his .plan with news that Alice has gone gold!
Well I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is that we have someone that we'd like you to meet. A teenage girl who doesn't back away from trouble, shoulders a bit of an attitude and is definitely not one to hide in the shadows. Her name is Alice and you will be able to meet her on December 5th.

The bad news is: The game is gold. It's been a long road getting here and it's very unusual to let something this near and dear to go, but it was time. You have all been extremely patient and supportive and we cannot thank you all enough for the support and excitement that has been communicated to us. We hope that you enjoy the game as much as we have making it and that Alice finds her way through the twisted passages of Wonderland with your help!

Thanks to all and have a great holiday season!
Excellent news-I've been looking for a new game, and this one looks promising.

More Shogo Walkthrough

Yessirree! Yet another level added to my Shogo walkthrough. This one is 07_Avernus1: "City of Ghosts". It's one of my favorite levels in the whole game. Enjoy!

UPDATE! Somebody hose me down! I just did another level. This time it's 08_Airshafts: "High and Low".


IGN has a pseudo-review of Master of Orion 3. It's not based on seeing the actual game, but more on a conversation with the QuickSilver crew on how and why their implementing MOO3 the way they are.

Personally, I've been a HUGE fan of all the MOO games, and am looking forward to the third installment. Hopefully QS will be able to deliver something really cool in this new installment.

More RAMBUS Stupidity

The folks at RAMBUS keep finding more and more ways to make me hate them. According to this Electronic News article, RAMBUS is now seeking to enforce its patents against companies that produce memory controllers or chipsets. Basically, if it interfaces with SDRAM, DDRAM, or RDRAM, they want your money. The only good thing about this widening array of lawsuits is that eventually someone else will win. When that happens, all the other claims become questionable. You can't expect everyone in Silicon Valley to pay you. I look forward to the day that I will be able to announce with glee that RAMBUS has filed for bankruptcy. Thanks Slashdot.

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