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Sunday, December 31, 2000

Open Source Licenses Demystified

Linux Month started a new series of articles that attempts to explain the differences between the various open source licenses. In this month's article they cover perhaps the most well-known open source license, the GNU General Public License (GPL), an the Mozilla Public License (MPL). There are 18 different licenses recognized by the Open Source Initiative, so this will be a lengthy series. Thanks Linux Today.

RA3 1.4 Beta for Linux

The Rocket Arena 3 for Quake III: Arena team has released a beta version of the 1.4 client and server for their popular mod. They recommend that all server ops update to this new version. A non-beta version should be available in a few weeks. Thanks Stomped.

Elite Force Patch Snafu

Raven's James Monroe updated his .plan with word that they accidentally put a bad patch for Elite Force on their website. Here's his instructions:
Raven website patch snafu.

OOPs. we accidentally uploaded a zip file of a pre-release patch. this is not a valid patch and MUST NOT BE USED! It will not work with other versions or the server lists.

the bad, Oct 25 patch 1.10 came in a ZIP file called It contains two executables, two DLLs, and a pak1.pk3.

The good, Nov 10 patch 1.10 came in an EXE file called EliteForcePatch1_1.EXE which automatically installs the new files in the correct place.

i just corrected the raven site, so if anybody downloaded a zip file named, please get the correct version immediately.

we apologize for the mix-up.

Happy New Year / Millennium from the Haus!

It's a majorly slow news day, which is just as well since my entire family is sick. I hope everyone has a good time as we turn over to yet another year and a brand-spanking new millennium. If you are drinking, get a cab. It'd be nice to have you here tomorrow too.

Saturday, December 30, 2000

Safety Tips

This is why it would be a really bad idea for me to ever go hunting.

The 2000 Awful Awards

Since everybody and their cocker spaniel is doing a "Best of 2000" article, Lowtax decided he would too and gave us his 2000 Awful Awards. He lists the three best and three worst games of the year. Amazingly, he found three games worse than Daikatana. Go figure.

XBox at CES?

Rumors are flying that Microsoft will showing off an actual XBox at the CES in Las Vegas on January 6. Beta versions of several games are also supposed to be shown. This is one of those infamous "leaked email" stories, so take it with a grain of salt. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Ultima I--A Legend is Reborn

RPGDot interviewed the programmmer behind Ultima I--A Legend is Reborn. He got approval from Richard Garriott to make a freeware update of the Ultima that started it all. The screenshots look pretty slick, hopefully it will turn out well. Now, if someone could remake Ultima III for me. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

CPU/Video Price Guide

AnandTech scoured the Internet looking for the best prices on CPUs and video cards. If you are looking for a way to blow your Christmas money, that article will definitely help you. Thanks Shugashack.

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