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Wednesday, January 3, 2001


id's Paul Jaquays updated his .plan to sing the praises of the team that developed GtkRadiant, the cross-platform, and now open-source, version of the Q3Radiant map editor. You can download the new version and get all kinds of help from the GtkRadiant page.

New Logo

Like the new "The Haus" logo? I downloaded and installed the Win32 version of Gimp and spent the better part of yesterday fiddling around with various settings. I only wish that browsers other than Mozilla would support PNG transparency, because having to dither a true color image down to 256 colors to make it a GIF is a major pain.

Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Diablo II Demo Released

Blizzard has released an official Diablo II demo, available at the mirrors that are FilePlanet. Here's the description:
Journey through the lands of Sanctuary as your Barbarian seeks to do battle with Blood Raven in this single-player demo of Diablo II. Whether you're new to role-playing games or a skilled veteran, you'll be faced by the challenge of leading your hero to victory over the denizens of the underworld. Can you destroy the evil that has plagued this once peaceful land and stop the dark reign of Diablo?
The demo weighs in at 131.9M, so you might want to pack a three-course meal. Thanks Blue.

Pondering the Imponderable

I decided to try running my Sony Car Discman through the line-in on my SoundBlaster Live! since my CD-ROM has been a little flaky lately. Even though my CD-ROM has a digital-out on it, the sound from the Discman is noticably better, especially since I can make use of its DSP effects. Very slick, especially since my Discman hadn't been getting much use otherwise.

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