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Wednesday, January 10, 2001

UTJB 102 Released

Version 102 of the Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament mod has been released. This latest version should fix any outstanding issues, now they plan to turn their attention to more maps. Thanks Blue.

Mozilla 0.7 Released

Mozilla 0.7 has finally been released. Check out the release notes for more information. In case you've been living under a rock, Mozilla is the open-source browser that is the basis for Netscape 6.0. And yes, the fact that Mozilla is at 0.7 should give you some indication why there have been problems with Netscape 6.0.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001


Okay, I finally got stubborn and killed the wrapping issues we've had with our trackers. The text can be cut off when it begins to get too long-to deal with that issue, I've added javascript to dump the full names into the status bar.

Q3A Instagib

Two instagib (one shot kill) mods for Quake III Arena have recently been updated to work with the 1.27 patch. One is Instagib which gives standard instagib with the railgun on any map. Instagib Plus adds the ability to use ANY weapon (I imagine that instagib with the machine gun would be pretty silly), an offhand grapple, and a configurable amount of spawn protection. Instagib is a simple idea, but its a lot of fun. Thanks Planet Quake for the links.

BitBoys and Carmack

In a recent interview with the BitBoys CEO (the graphics card company that somehow managed to exist without ever shipping a product), he mentions that id's John Carmack has seen their XBA technology and was behind it. Carmack wrote to the Tech Report to say that he has never seen it nor does he endorse them. Oops. Thanks Shugashack.

UPDATE 1/10/01 blew it. They misquoted the BitBoys CEO and have printed a retraction. You'd think something like that would be hard to misunderstand . . .

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