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Saturday, January 13, 2001

Thirteen Days

I just got back from seeing Thirteen Days, the movie about the Cuban missile crisis. Pretty good movie from a historical prospective, but, please: ONLY TAKE HISTORY BUFFS TO THIS MOVIE. I may never EVER hear the end of this from my wife. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting divorce papers before the week is out.

J.t.Qbe comments: Whew--ditto for Fat Man and Little Boy: I saw it after reading The Making of the Atomic Bomb and thought it was great, but my future in-laws were snoozing. Don't worry, T.M.--if Kevin Costner's pathetic Bahston accent didn't drive her to leave you, a little history won't.

TABLE Bug Fixed!

As a follow-up to my post yesterday about the Mozilla TABLE width bug being fixed, I downloaded last night's build and, sure enough, the bug is officially fixed! I no longer have to see our news and finger trackers jumping all over the top of the page. Huzzah!

Devine and Spector Transcript

Tech TV posted a transcript of a recent chat with id's Graeme Devine and ION Storm's Warren Spector. It's a good read, I just wish they would have edited it a bit more and put all the questions and answers together better. Oh well. Thanks Blue.

Interview with Rantz Hoseley

Cows Say MOO! has an interview with Rantz Hoseley, Race coordinator on the Master of Orion 3 game being produced by QuickSilver. Pretty good stuff, if you're an MOO fan like myself :-)

Friday, January 12, 2001


Welp, upgraded the mighty PC today, added a Pentium 3 550 as an upgrade for my old Celeron 300A. FWIW, I'm now running an Asus P2B, 192mb RAM, P3-550, PCI Riva TNT (16mb)video. With A.T.'s ultra-speed tweaks I get 28.8 FPS on mpdemo2, 34.0 FPS on 117demo1, and 35.1 FPS on 117demo002. If that's not proof of why you need a good video card, I don't know what is.

Mozilla TABLE Width Bug Fixed

A bug in recent Mozilla builds (including 0.7) that causes tables occasionally to expand to 100% width for no apparent reason has been fixed! I'm going to download the new nightly build when it comes out and check it out. That bug caused me to sign up and vote for that bug to be a high priority, since it really screws up the Haus's design.

Converted Q3A Demos

That crezzy Requ!em reports on the Barry's World forums that someone came up with a utility to convert Quake III Arena 1.17 demos to 1.27. The utility is beta so caveat emptor. Thanks Stomped.

UPDATE! If the updated demo001 is actually the same as the 1.17 version, my framerates are 12% faster using 1.27h than 1.17. Cool stuff.

NOLF Tools Released

The No One Lives Forever Team updated their collective .plan to announce that the tools for making maps and mods have been released. It will be interesting to see if the tools have improved at all since the days of Shogo and Blood II.

Shogo and NVIDIA in Linux Update

I just got email from Hyperion's Thomas Frieden saying that he was unable to solve the problem that exists with the Linux version of Shogo and TNTs/TNT2s with the NVIDIA drivers (story). Hopefully, NVIDIA will get on the stick and fix this bug since it is messing up more than a few games. It's been many months since they've updated those drivers.

QuakeForge Project Update

The QuakeForge Project (an open-source improvement on the GPL'd Quake I code) has released beta 6 with a whole slew of improvements. Check it out! Thanks Blue's News.

Black Hole Evidence?

OK, I know this isn't the standard Haus fare, but I still find it amazing. Scientists may have gotten proof of the existence of black holes. Black holes are regions of intense gravity from which not even light can escape. They found this evidence by studying ultraviolet light in the area of what is believed to be a black hole. Kinda frightening, actually. Thanks Slashdot.

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