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Saturday, January 27, 2001

When It's Done

In the Trenches contacted a number of developers to get their input on 3D Realm's policies of not realeasing info on Duke Nukem Forever and giving no other release date than "when it's done." Thanks Blue.

Server Anniversary

In a bit of bizarre synchronicity, the day I hurt my hand (Sunday the 14th) was also the one-year anniversary of The Haus running on its own Linux box. We've had far fewer problems since we left NT for good. Here's to a bright future!


A tip for anyone trying to fix network problems on their PCs. DON'T delete your network settings. When Windows reinstalls networking you can get some gloriously screwed up settings on your PC. My machine is insisting that multiple users are using my PC when I've got everything set for single user. Friggin' Windows sucks. Come on Linux community--give me THE OS so I can get off this crap.

Update! Okay, fixed the problem. Turns out a system policy from my work network snuck onto my machine when I logged into work. Thankfully it is dead now.

A.T. Hun comments: Sounds like a classic case of PEBKAC to me :)

The Master comments: A.T., remind me to remove your networking and reboot a few times next time I visit. For that, you deserve it :-)

Be a Junkyard Warrior

Slashdot announced that my new favorite T.V. show, Junkyard Wars, is taking team applications. Whaddaya think? Team Haus? Actually, if I can't run a snowthrower properly I probably shouldn't go rooting around a junkyard.

Friday, January 26, 2001

New Gamespy

There's a brand-spanking new version of Gamespy 3D available for both shareware and registered users. This new version adds support for Quake III: Team Arena, Counterstrike, and NOLF, among others. Thanks Blue.

Microsoft DoS'ed

Microsoft has confirmed that their recent downtime with their various websites is due to a denial of service (DoS) attack. The company assures its customers that it will be taking steps to keep this kind of thing from happening in the future. Unfortunately for them, I think that they are just going to become a bigger and bigger target as time goes on.

J.t.Qbe comments: That raises some interesting concerns about Micro$oft's .NET project, doesn't it? M$' plan has been to change the dominant computing model from software running on individual machines to software delivered over the internet via M$ servers. Outages like this week's show that M$ is far, far from ready to provide these services. This Linux Today article even goes so far as to wonder whether .NET is finished. Hmmm, I didn't expect .NET's end to come this quickly. . .

UT Jailbreak Maps

The Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament team has released a new map map for their mod, adding eight new maps for your fragging pleasure.

FASA Closes

According to this press release on FASA's website, FASA, the maker of BattleTech and ShadowRun, will be closing their doors within the next month. Thankfully, the BattleTech and ShadowRun properties are to be sold to Jordan Weismann, who has started a new company. Maybe they won't die out that way.

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