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Tuesday, February 13, 2001

64M MiniJam Update

As a follow-up to our previous story, I saw on Innogear's site that you can get the 32M MiniJam MP3 Springboard module (for Handspring Visor PDAs) from them directly for $199 and they will throw in an extra 32M for free. Even better, it will be one 64M card, so you still have the other slot free for further expansion. As a matter of fact, they'll even throw in an extra 32M if you buy the 64M version for a total of 96M! No affiliation, but it's a pretty cool deal, and this way you can avoid altogether.

Pondering the Imponderable

On this, our last night in Phoenix, we are getting a bad rainstorm. That doesn't sound like much until you consider that Phoenix averages about seven inches of rain per year. God willing, I'll be back in the Hun Hut tomorrow night.

I'm practicing a little touch-typing now. It works reasonably well. With my fingers wrapped it doesn't even hurt that much. My half-length middle finger is the toughest adjustment, but with a little practice, I should be golden.

New Ask Hook

VoodooExtreme updated their Ask (Brian) Hook column. In this episode, Hook talks about dealing with negativity and small-scale online RPGs. The former should be read by everyone who gripes about users dumping on their game from a great height. Everyone in the public eye (myself included!) is an open target for criticism. It's not right, but them's the facts. Deal with it.

IBM WinModem Driver for Linux

Big Blue has developed an open-source driver to use their WinModems in Linux. Cool stuff. Hopefully others will be able to use this driver to make ones for other devices. Thanks Slashdot.

Monday, February 12, 2001

Symantec granted patent on patching

According to a Gamasutra article, Symantec Granted Patent On Software Patches. So, now Symantec controls the rights to software patching and updating via the internet. Nice one, patent service. Patching via the internet is an OLD technology, but of course some knob in the patent office let this one through. Supposedly Symantec has no plans to enfore the patent, but why would you apply for one then? I'd get that promise signed in blood by Symantec's entire board of directors AND their lawyers before I'd believe it.


Sharky Extreme posted a Q&A session with NVIDIA where Sharky's readers submitted the questions. The questions run the gamut and are mostly techie in nature. It's still an interesting read for us non-techie-types. Thanks Slashdot.

RAMBUS == Satan

Slashdot pointed to this article about RAMBUS' court efforts to collect royalties from memory makers. I'm normally not one to hope that a fault line opens up under certain businesses and swallows them whole, but in this case I'm willing to make an exception. I hope Hyundai and others can successfully fight this. Patent law reform NOW!

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