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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

The Father of the Microprocessor

Slashdot linked to this interview with Ted Hoff from 1995. Hoff is the father of the first commercially-viable microprocessor, the Intel 4004. The interview gives a fascinating look into how it came to be. It's almost unbelievable that the microprocessor has gone from non-existent to ubiquitous over the course of my lifetime.

Fred Nilsson Interview

Mean Arena interviewed Fred Nilsson, id Software's new animator. They talk about animation in general as well as his work for Doom III. Thanks Blue's News.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us!

What do you get when you combine a poorly-translated console video game (can you say "Engrish"?) and several people's 1337 Photoshop skillz? You get All Your Base Are Belong to Us! See the stills. Watch the video. Make sure you have a strong bladder. Thanks Blue.

UPDATE 9:30 P.M. Something seems to be flaky on that site. Here is an alternate link to an older version of the video.

Monday, February 19, 2001

Ars on WPA

Ars Technica has posted an analysis of the Windows Product Activation, the new efforts by Microsoft to make you feel the pain. They give a pretty reasonable overview of how the technology will probably work in Windows XP and Office XP. If there's anything that will drive people to Linux or, heaven forbid, the Mac, this should be it.

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