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Friday, February 23, 2001

Hexen 2 Source and SoF Patch

Raven's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with news of the impending new release of the Hexen 2 source code, the status of the Soldier of Fortune patch, and his thoughts on the preview of the Doom3 engine. Here's a snip:
I'm putting together a new release of the Hexen2 source. This is mainly to add the the original Hexen2 source code. Please let me know if there are any additional sources you would like to see (specifically tools source that I might have not included in any previous public releases).

SoF Patch is in a weird state of limbo, mainly because of the demise of WON / FlipSide, MPlayer, Global Rankings, and all sorts of stuff. We've got one thing ready, but it is out of my hands at this point. Once we do release the patch, I will put out an update to the game source code.

Pondering the Imponderable

In case you didn't notice, I added a mostly worthless bit o' Javascript to the site that displays a random tagline next to our logo on the top of every page. There are seven taglines in rotation right now. Expect that number to increase over time. Better (or at least weirder) living through technology!

Updated: My AvantGo Channels

Wouldn't you know it? One day after I post my article on my favorite AvantGo channels, ZDNet combines all their channels into one. I also discovered that the Jeopardy channel didn't amuse me very long. Thus, I have updated my My AvantGo Channels article to reflect those changes. Hopefully this will be the final revision for a while.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Carmack on the GeForce3

id's John Carmack updated his .plan with his impressions of the newly-announced GeForce3 from NVIDIA. He lists the good, the indifferent, and the bad in it (it's mostly good). One of those would look great in my system, but for $600?

Battle for Naboo Demo

Gamespot got their hands on a demo of LucasArts' soon-to-be-released game Battle for Naboo. It is a 51M download. I snagged it tonight. It is (not surprisingly) very similar to Rogue Squadron. If you liked that game, you'll like this. If you didn't, well, let's just say it won't make you forget X-Wing. It also requires DirectX 8.0, so factor an extra 11M into your download if you don't have it already.

IBM Withdraws CPRM for Hard Drives

According to The Register, IBM has withdrawn their proposal to add CPRM to ATA hard drives. CPRM is the controversial copy-protection scheme, primarily intended for removable media. It's always nice to see a moment of lucidity among hardware manufacturers. Thanks Linux Today.

Broussard re:Carmack

3d Realms' George Broussard updated his .plan with praise for John Carmack after seeing the Doom3 engine preview from MacWorld.
Last night John sent a shockwave through the world of gaming that will be felt for years. We got a peek at Doom 3 - or at least it's engine.

Yup, he's pretty damned good as what he does all right :)


Jim Dosé Interview

Now that The Planet* sites seem to be working again, I can link to the Mean Arena interview with Jim Dosé, the (relatively) new programmer at id Software. They talk about his past programming exploits and how he intends to use that knowledge on Doom 3.

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce3

NVIDIA has formally announced the GeForce3. This announcement focuses on the Mac, but it is safe to assume that the PC version will be very similar. Start saving those pennies!

The Master comments: At $600, I'm gonna have to save for 6 years to get that sucker. Good grief.

New Doom Engine Shots

EuroGamer posted some screenshots from the MacWorld demo of what will become the Doom 3 engine. Pretty amazing stuff. I dread to think what the system requirements will be for that. There's also supposed to be a video of the demostration available, but for the life of me I can't get it to work in Mozilla, Netscape, or IE. Thanks Blue.

UPDATE! The Shugashack has posted some screenshots of their own as well.

UPDATE! 3:30 P.M. I just got done downloading the movie from VR Magazine. Absolutely stunning and amazing. It blows my mind how much technology has advanced since the original Doom.

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