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Tuesday, February 27, 2001

EZ-Net Broadband

I just saw on EZ-Net's (our gracious host) site that they have two broadband solutions available: wireless and DSL. I was one of the "beta testers" for the wireless. As a matter of fact, I was the first one to get it installed. It's really been a treat to use--I couldn't be happier (OK, maybe a T1 directly to my house would make me happier, but my kids have this strange tendency to want to eat three times a day). If you live in Oconto, Oconto Falls, Peshtigo, or Marinette, Wisconsin, you owe it to yourself to check out EZ-Net's broadband solutions. You can thank me later. Tell them A.T. sent you!

N.B. Lest anyone misunderstand, I was not asked by anyone at EZ-Net to say this. I just think they do a great job and that you should know about it. 'Nuff said.

The Master comments: Heck, I'm not even a customer and I'll vouch for that. Ez is the best--they're there when you need them, every day.

SPARC for $995

Yahoo News is reporting that Sun is planning on selling a SPARC workstation for $995. Here's the specs (specs on a SPARC--I kill me!):
Prices for the Sun Blade 100 workstation begin at $995. This entry configuration is exclusive to web orders placed within the U.S. It features the 64-bit, 500 MHz UltraSPARC IIe processor; Solaris 8 Operating Environment; 128 MB RAM; 15 GB hard drive; Sun PGX64TM onboard 2D graphics with 8 MB SGRAM; 48X CDROM; and a highly integrated I/O, including 10/100 Ethernet, four USB ports, and two IEEE 1394 digital video "firewire" ports.
Kudos go to Wraith for noticing this on Slashdot. I believe his exact words were, "GIMME! NOW!"

GeForce3 Previews

NOW the previews are starting to roll in. Read all you ever cared to know about NVIDIA's new GeForce3 chip at the following sites: HardOCP, Sharky Extreme, Tom's Hardware and AnandTech. Hopefully by the time that games hit the shelves that can actually use some of the GF3's power the cards will actually be somewhat affordable for regular human beings.

FWIW, so far my favorite preview (from an "easy to read" standpoint) is AnandTech's. The Tom's Hardware one is the longest and most likely to make your head cave in.

While I'm pondering all this information, it struck me that 3D Realms had better get Duke Nukem Forever out quite a bit before Doom3 comes out (or even the first Doom3 Test for that matter). If DNF comes out too close to Doom3 and Doom3 has incorporated all these swell new features . . . ouch. Could be painful for Broussard and the boys. It would seem that with the advent of the GF3, their technology window is closing rapidly.

UPDATE! Evil Avatar got a press release from Hercules announcing the 3D Prophet III based on the GeForce3. It will be available in March for $529. Start saving those pennies!

Monday, February 26, 2001

No News Is, Ummmm . . .

I expected to be deluged with reports of the new GeForce3 today but everyone seems to be holding off. HardOCP promises their coverage tomorrow so stay tuned.

Gamma-Corrected Doom3 Shots

sCary upped the gamma on some of the screenshots of the new Doom engine. The shots are from the movie at MacWorld. They're still not the best quality, but they're still pretty amazing.

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