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Friday, March 2, 2001

Pitchford's Law(s)

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford made a great big .plan update with his "Game Development Rules and Observations". Good stuff from someone who has been there.

Mozilla Roadmap Updated has updated the roadmap for their cross-platform open-source web browser. Version .9 will be out in Q2 of this year and maybe even 1.0! I've been using Mozilla exclusively since October. There are still some stability and speed issues that need to be addressed, but every time I'm forced to use IE or Netscape 4.x, I realize just how good I have it with Mozilla.

Bush Tells NASA to Suck It Down

According to this article, the Bush administration has cancelled most of the US components of the Internation Space Station in his proposed budget. The cancellations include the habitation module, crew return vehicle, and a backup propulsion module, and the centrifuge science facility is in jeopardy.

The ISS is our best chance to get our space program out of the gutter. It's been a financial disaster, but that can be corrected. Somebody needs to slap NASA and tell them to wake up, but gutting the space program is a ****ing stupid idea.

A.T. Hun comments: These are the proposed changes in his budget. Bush can't cancel everything all by himself. I don't know if I agree with all the cuts either, but NASA has shown incredible incompetance over the past decade or so. Throwing more money at the problem won't help.

The Master comments: I can't argue the incompetence issue. Unfortunately, the other major partner in this project is Russia, and there are so many problems over there that it makes NASA look like a well-oiled machine. I really want to see the ISS succeed, if only to take that much needed next step into space.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Oh THAT'S Rich

I love the new spammer technique that apparently assuages their nearly-non-existant consciences. They put something on the bottom of their email saying "You opted into my list!" along with instructions for removing yourself (as if). Yeah, I always add my name to lists so people with tiny little brains (among other things) can peddle their worthless crap to me. Right.

J.t.Qbe comments: My personal favorite spam "disclaimer" is the one that goes, "This is not a spam! You are receiving this email because your name is on a list I bought. . ." But wait a minute--that's what spam IS! What an idiot. My second favorite is the HTML spams that get the HTML wrong and won't display at all. More idiots. Death to spammers!

2.4 Kernel Security

LinuxSecurity posted an article on some of the new security features in the Linux 2.4 kernel. These includes steps to reduce dependency of the root account (with the goal of eliminating it entirely) and built-in cryptography. Thanks Slashdot.

Commander Keen Returns

Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan, announcing a new Commander Keen game coming to GameBoy Color. Heh-the ultimate nostalgia :-)
id Software and Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) are teaming up this spring to release Commander Keen, an action-packed, comedic quest to save the cosmos for the Game Boy Color. Commander Keen is rated "E," for "Everyone," by the ESRB.
UPDATE by A.T. Hun Stomped has a brief interview with Hollenshead on the new Keen.

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