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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Half-Life Servers Released

Valve has released new versions of the Half-Life dedicated server. There is the Win32 full install (100.1M), Win32 upgrade (17.4M), Linux full install (101.2M), and the Linux upgrade (22.9M). All these links take you to Blue's News' mirror pages.

Linux Tribes 2 Preview posted a preview of the Linux version of Tribes 2 which is being ported by Loki. Overall the reviewer has high praise for it, but the system specs will be out of this world. Thanks Linux Games.

Counter-Strike 1.1 Released

As promised yesterday, Counter-Strike 1.1, the insanely popular Half-Life mod, has been released. It is available is a 19.5M patch from version 1.0 or as a 87.3M full download.

Monday, March 12, 2001

Easy MP3 Ripping in KDE 2.2

There will be a new feature in KDE 2.2 (the popular Linux desktop) that will make ripping MP3s or Ogg Vorbis files a piece of cake. Check it out:
Last week, Michael Matz contributed some code to the audiocd:IO slave in KDE CVS to make ripping audio CDs child's play. When you browse an audio CD with this new code (using, for example, 'audiocd:/' in Konqueror), you will find two subdirectories: MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. Each subdirectory will list all the tracks on the audio CD with the appropriate extension (.mp3 and .ogg). Each track can then be dragged to any KDE drop location and be converted automatically into the MP3 or OGG compressed formats. In addition, if the track has a CDDB entry, the file is automatically named for you and the .MP3/.OGG tags are set appropriately. The obligatory screenies are linked in the text above. Expect rollout for KDE 2.2, currently scheduled for beta release on April 2. How's that for simplicity?
That is just too slick for words. Thanks Linux Today.

Half-Life Releases This Week

Blue got word of the release schedule this week for the various Half-Life patches. Here's the news, courtesy of a rather violent ctrl-c/ctrl-v combo:
There will be two separate updates for Counter-Strike 1.1, one for those who play the free downloadable (MOD) version of Counter-Strike and one for those with any retail version of Counter-Strike.

The schedule for all releases is as follows:

Counter-Strike 1.1 MOD: 2 pm PST, Tuesday.

Half-Life Primary Server Release (Linux and Win32): 4 pm PST, Tuesday.

Counter-Strike 1.1 Retail: 11 am PST, Wednesday.

Half-Life 11 am PST, Wednesday.

Half-Life includes new models for TFC, the winning entry from Planet Half-Life's January 2001 mapping contest, and more. Counter-Strike 1.1 includes a spectator mode, enhanced models, and more.
The Counter-Strike 1.1 Linux dedicated server is available for download right now as a 35.2M patch or a 75.7M full download.

Pondering the Imponderable

And I thought it was stupid how I lost some fingertips. At least I didn't do it as part of a game show. Thanks Blue for reminding me for every stupid thing I do, someone will always top me.

If your local newspaper gets the comic strip "Fox Trot", make sure to check out today's strip. Somebody set us up the bomb!

UPDATE! Redwood posted this link to see that strip online. I'm kind of surprised that the Houston Chronicle can get away with posting it online on the same day it's in print.

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