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Friday, March 16, 2001

Park Wars

It's the Phantom Menace! It's South Park! It's both! Check out Park Wars, a movie using South Park characters in the Phantom Menace. It even has George Lucas' blessing! Thanks Slashdot.

RAMBUS: This Time for Sure

Now it's definite. The judge in the RAMBUS v. Infineon lawsuit has limited the scope of RAMBUS' patents. Here's a snip:
A judge has limited the scope of Rambus Inc.'s patents for the forthcoming court case against Infineon Technologies AG as a result of a series of rulings at a hearing held in Richmond, Va., last Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Robert Payne followed up with a memorandum opinion on Thursday.

In the memorandum opinion, the judge decided to go with a narrower interpretation of the patents than Rambus' (nasdaq: RMBS) attorneys had sought.
This is a significant legal blow for RAMBUS. If Infineon can win this legal struggle, it opens the door for Micron and Hyundai to be similarly successful. According to this Reuters report:
The bulk of Rambus's revenues are composed of royalty payments from the chipmakers who use its synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) and Rambus dynamic random access memory (RDRAM) technology.
If that is true, losing the lawsuits will be catastrophic. If this results in RAMBUS' burial, I will be the first one there with a shovel. As it is, their stock took another beating on the NASDAQ today, closing 34% lower at 15 13/16 off 8 9/32. Keep in mind that their 52 week high is 135. Can you say, "3dfx"?

RAMBUS Ruling Revisited

The Motley Fool (free registration required) reports that yesterday's article in the Electronic News (story) was not accurate. No preliminary ruling was made in the RAMBUS case, although one is expected. The false news caused RAMBUS' stock to drop 33% yesterday, slicing $1 billion in market cap.The EN article has been updated to reflect this news.

RAMBUS' stock is off another 4 11/16 today, another 20% drop. I'm not shedding too many tears over this, but I would rather have the company fail due to its anticompetitive business practices rather than inaccurate news reports.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

New NOLF Demo

Monolith has released an new demo of No One Lives Forever. It includes four single player and two multiplayer maps and is based on the most current NOLF code. I might just snag this one once the mirrors stop being hammered. Here's the scoop from the NOLF team's collective .plan:
Today we are releasing the new and improved NOLF demo! The demo is not an upgrade of the existing tech demo. Instead, it includes all new levels plus all the new features and improved code found in the 1.001 and 1.002 Updates. The specific levels are:As an additional bonus, all of the available multiplayer weapons and gadgets from the full version of the game are also included in the demo!

We hope you'll enjoy!

Unreal II Website Live

The official Unreal II website is now online. It contains tons of screenshots and a FAQ on Legend's follow-up to Epic's hit game. Thanks Blue.

RAMBUS Loses Round One

According to the Electronic News, the judge presiding over RAMBUS v. Infineon made a pre-trial ruling "limiting the scope of Rambus Inc.'s patents". This is only the first of many court battles ahead, but it's nice to see that the success of RAMBUS' litigation is not a given by any means. Thanks Slashdot.

NVIDIA Website Update

NVIDIA finally got their website updated with the links and new FAQ for their new 0.9-767 Linux XFree86 4.x drivers. There are kernel RPMs for Red Hat 6.1 and up and Mandrake 7.1 and up.

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