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Thursday, April 5, 2001

eFront: Down the Tubes

Start that rhythmic beat of "Another One Bites the Dust". Web hosting service eFront is going belly-up. Sites have been given a whole two days to relocate. Ahh, the "big crunch" continues. After those corporate ICQ logs were leaked, I have no pity whatsoever.

Team Haus Update

Team Haus is now six members strong! My computer just finished bashing away at my first task this morning. It took a long time, but the second one seems to be going much faster. Interested in using your spare CPU cycles to help find a cure for cancer? Check our Team Haus page for more information.

The Master comments: We put our first 2 packets through last night, and I expect another one today. Pound that data out :-)

New Ask Sweeney

VoodooExtreme posted another Ask (Epic's Tim) Sweeney Q&A column. Sweeney is the man behind the Unreal engines. The topics run the gamut of the gaming scene, including messages from some idiots who want to keep Glide alive for some God-forsaken reason. As always, a good read.

Passport Terms Revised

CNet News is reporting that Microsoft has revised its terms of use for its Passport service after the 'Net erupted in controversy over it. This article links to the original terms as well. They made the term "draconian" seem almost totally obscure. M$ said the terms were "old." Old or not, they were horrendous even by M$'s standards. Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: I was going to vent about this yesterday, but I decided to hold my tongue. Thankfully Microsoft removed the excuse. I do wish lawyers would be more careful about how they protect their clients rights. Half the time it seems like these legal contracts pretty much give a visitors rights to their kids for visiting a webpage. Good grief.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Congratulations, Dada Hun

Congratulations and best wishes to A.T. Hun and family on the birth of their new baby! You're getting closer and closer to that soccer team of your own!

A.T. Hun comments: Hehe, we're getting there. Childbirth is an amazing thing and children are amazing blessings. 'Nuff said.

EAX Effects for UT CTF

Creative Labs has finally made an addition to their enhanced EAX effects for Unreal Tournament. This time they enhance the CTF levels. These effects are very cool and highly recommended if you have an EAX-compatible sound card. Thanks Blue.

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