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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Kenn Hokestra interview

Jolly Star Trek has posted an interview with Kenn Hokestra, discussing the upcoming Elite Force multiplayer expansion pack.

There's also a massive stack of snapshots of the expansion online over on SpelletjesGarnaal.

Thanks Blue.

UPDATE! 10:40 P.M. by A.T. Hun Gamespot also has a 10M movie with some footage from the aforementioned expansion pack.

MOO3 FAQ Online

There's a wonderfully detailed Master of Orion 3 FAQ online over on Cows Say Moo. Questions answered are numerous, and include the whole question of which player races are available and which were cut. Thank goodness my Psilons are still in the game :-)

Monday, April 23, 2001

Another Idiot Patent

According to Yahoo News, a company called PumaTech (I've got a better name, but I'm not gonna go there) has gotten itself awarded a patent on checksumming of webpages to detect changes.

Wow-that's a completely unique idea. And windowing was a completely new idea when that stupid patent was done as well. Can we just nuke the patent office, or what?!? Thanks to Slashdot for this positive note in my day.


Been awhile since I've done much posting on here (yeah, yeah A.T.) but something showed up on Yahoo! News that I thought was rather interesting. Yahoo reported today that PSINet, one of the monster ISPs that was flying so high so recently, has had their stock trades halted and will be delisted shortly. PSINet is also claiming that they will be needing to file for bankruptcy shortly.

Now, I'm not surprised at the slide all of these no-business-plan e-com companies have taken, but an ISP like PSI being taken down really surprises me. I do hope that internet-based businesses learn a real lesson from this whole stock crash. Have a plan. Don't just expect people to keep throwing money at you so you can have BMWs for everyone and pool parties for the whole company every night of the year.

J.t.Qbe comments: It's shakeout time, i.e. return to reality. This year's slower economy is weeding out some of the gravy train riders who are/were solely in it for a quick buck. These are quieter days. I'm currently looking for a job in Michigan (anyone need a Unix admin or Perl/C programmer?) and the job market is definitely tighter than it was 1-2 years ago.

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