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Monday, April 30, 2001

Daily Radar DOA?

I saw on a couple of sites that Gamespy is reporting that Daily Radar will soon be no more as Imagine Media continues its restructuring. While I feel for the people losing their jobs, I can't say that I'm going to miss DR itself too terribly much.

Update (8:27 pm): They're gone. Their page has been updated with the famous buh-bye of internet death.

Hoekstra on SoF2

Stomped conducted an interview with Raven's Kenn Hoekstra on their upcoming Quake III Arena engine-based shooter, Soldier of Fortune 2. I've been playing the Linux version of the original SoF and enjoying it tremendously. It'll be very interesting to see what they can do with the Q3A engine. The random scenario generator sounds cool too--if they can pull it off. I thought for sure this would be a 2002 title, but Hoekstra said winter 2001!

New Shogo Walkthrough

I've got yet another Shogo walkthrough ready for your viewing pleasure. It's 16_Slums: Maritropa Slums. Enjoy! Make sure to visit the Haus of Shogo for all your Shogo needs.

UPDATE 11:45 P.M.! I just added another level for good measure. This time it is 17_Lost_Cat: Lost Cat.

MS: Install Windows or Else

Aaxnet got a hold of a Microsoft email offering rather lame prizes for computer builders or resellers to turn in the names of people who order computers without an operating system. The Register has its usual calm, well-reasoned response to this. Here's a snip from the email:
It has come to our attention that many organizations that are sending out bids believe that because they have enrolled in a Microsoft volume license program (i.e. Select Agreement or Enterprise Agreement), that operating systems for newly-acquired PCs are automatically enrolled in the volume program as well. There is no volume licensing program at Microsoft that covers operating systems for new PCs. Therefore, we strongly advise that each new PC that will be running a Microsoft Operating System be pre-installed with an OEM version of the Operating System. The alternative would be to purchase retail product, at greater cost and inconvenience to your customers.
Of course, they neglect to mention that installing Linux or OpenBSD would be equally legitimate. Basically if your company gets turned in, guess who is going to get a license audit? I also wonder if computer builders would be opening themselves up to lawsuits if word got out.

The Master comments: It doesn't have to be a Free OS to be legitimate, how about Sun, or AIX, or UnixWare, or (shudder) OS2? But, since Microsoft owns the universe, you'd better watch out when you wanna use some other OS other than the almighty and awful Windows.

J.t.Qbe comments: Come on, take the vow: "I will never pay Microsoft another penny." Microsoft is facing troubled times and a shrinking revenue stream, so it's trying to pull in cash from any and every source it can. Time will tell whether it succeeds or implodes. With arrogance and tactics like this, Microsoft is facing quite a backlash. For more on Microsoft and software licensing, check out this interesting article, then start your move to free software. Fight the future!

Saturday, April 28, 2001

DirectX and Wine

Newsforge has an interesting article on TransGaming's efforts to bring DirectX to Wine. Wine allows Windows programs to run under Linux. Creating an abstraction layer for DirectX would be a mammoth undertaking. If they can pull it off, I'll be able to leave Windows and take my games with me. Thanks Linux Today.

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