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Sunday, May 13, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, E3 is heading our way this Thursday through Saturday. I would imagine that the gaming news will be rather sparse until then. After that we will be deluged. I'm looking forward to seeing Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem Forever information. I'm wondering if Monolith is going to be unveiling Shogo 2. It would be kind of fun to attend, but that would cost money :)

CD-Recordable FAQ

Tonight I happened to stumble across the CD-Recordable FAQ. At first I thought, "A domain name just for a FAQ?" But this FAQ has everything you ever possibly could want to know about CD-R, CD-RW, and related technologies. A geniunely colossal effort.

Pippy on Visor

I got Pippy running on my Handspring Visor today. In case you've forgotten, Pippy is an attempt to port the Python programming language to the PalmOS. All I did was type print "Hello World!", but it worked! Hopefully they can keep Pippy's memory footprint relatively small.

Saturday, May 12, 2001

Custom Q3:TA Maps

I found a couple of sweet new Quake III: Team Arena maps on Hal-9000's website. I snagged Revenge of the Vortex (HALTACTF10_V2) and Chill Factor (HALTERRA1). Both are quite nice. Revenge of the Vortex is a tribute to id's Vortex Portal map in Q3:TA (one of my personal favorites) and Chill Factor is a cross between the ice and sand terrain maps in Q3:TA. Check them out!

Wireless Tools

Maybe no one will think this is cool besides me, but hey, it's my website. I snagged Jean Tourrilhes wireless extensions and tools for Linux. They are a couple of handy little utilities that tells you everything you ever cared to know about your wireless LAN setup and adjust the settings on the fly. I just had to uncomment the line in the Makefile to use the glib 2.2 headers and comment out the line to use 2.1 and they compiled like a charm. Highly recommended for Linux wireless folks.

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