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Sunday, May 20, 2001

All Your Smurf . . .

Just when you thought the whole "All Your Base" thing was dead, along comes this. Yes, I laughed out loud. Yes, I am easily amused. Thanks Blue for the link.

Saturday, May 19, 2001

M$ Actually Comes THROUGH

Nobody will believe this-but Microsoft actually came through for me tonight. I somehow managed to nuke my video drivers (I think this started when I had a massive IE crash) and when I attempted to "update" them using the online tools of my PC vendor, the problem got worse, to the point that the only way I had video was to boot my machine in safe mode. So, after fighting with this sucker for 4 hours, I tried "system restore"-a little commented on feature of Windows ME. And it WORKED! I'm still in shock . . .

No Shogo 2 for Foreseeable Future

The Firing Squad got word from Monolith at E3 that there are no current plans for an announcement about Shogo 2. Here's the blurb:
Sadly, there was nothing about SHOGO 2. When asked, the LithTech representative sighed a bit, and then explained that there is no SHOGO announcement coming any time soon, and if there is one at all, it's a long way away since there are so many other projects being done by Monolith.
That's what I get for getting my hopes up.

Duffy on the Q3A/Q3TA Patch

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan on why the patch is almost two weeks late from when he guesstimated it would be out. Here's the scoop:
"Early next week". Did I say that ? The point release is coming, we continue to update and tweak things as well as fix some issues. Mod Authors have and have had the source etc and it is in the testing loop at Activision. Soon is the best I can say, but we hope this will address all of the cheats, hacks, adds a multitude of new things request wise, fixes lots of bugs etc. A Linux beta will be available right around the same time too as well as Mac.

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