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Monday, May 28, 2001


Huzzah! I finally got the PalmOS 4.0 SDK and all the tools installed and working on my Red Hat 7.1 installation! I copied one of the sample programs from the CD that came with my book, compiled it, and slapped it into POSE. Works like a charm! POSE is slower than molasses in January, but it works.

Stupid POSE Tricks

I finally got the PalmOS Emulator (POSE) compiled and installed in Linux. Now whenever I try to start it up with a ROM it dumps core. Rah.

UPDATE! 1:05 P.M. Well, I figured out a solution. After digging around in some newsgroups, there seems to be something that the POSE source doesn't like with Red Hat 7.1's version of gcc (2.96). To get it to run properly, you have to issue the following commands when compiling:

./configure --enable-debug
make install

Then everything will work fine.

Happy Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S., a day we pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedoms, liberties, and way of life. Gaming websites tend to post a lot of pretentious, self-important articles on topics of very little consequence. These brave men and women risked everything so that we could enjoy the freedom to say what we want, think what we want, and worship God freely. They were far more brave than I could ever dream to be.

TABBB Works!

I finally got Tex Atomic's Big Bot Battles to work on my system. After following a hint on their messageboards I set my LithTech default resolution in the preferences in RealArcade to 800x600x32 and it worked. Apparently, it doesn't like to run if the game color depth is lower than your desktop color depth. You would think there would be a better way to handle that situation than crashing . . . I'll post my thoughts on the game later.

Sunday, May 27, 2001

PalmOS for the Criminally Insane

I'm digging through my PalmOS Programming Bible a bit more and beginning to realize how much C I've forgotten. I know I'll figure it all out eventually, but for now it's pretty confusing, especially since it is my first experience with event-driven programming. Of course, maybe trying to read it at almost midnight after having a beer isn't the best idea either.


Was flipping through the Best Buy ad (no affiliation-yada yada) and reviewing the prices for MP3 players, and I have to ask a question. How much does it really cost for someone to make an MP3 player?!? These things CAN'T be worth $200+, especially when I can buy a 256mb RAM stick for $70. The profit margin on those things must be unbelievable.

A.T. Hun comments: That's why I'm looking at a combination CD player/MP3 CD-RW player. Those are much cheaper and you can get 650M of MP3s per CD . . .

The Master comments: I was looking at those too-but most of them are either limited to 128 or 192kb bitrate MP3s-which sound awful. Either way I can't really justify over $100 for an MP3 player anyway.

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