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Thursday, June 7, 2001

Investor Rage

Red Herring has an article on the anger being expressed by some investors following the bottoming out of the stock market, especially in the tech sector. Some have made legal, verbal, and yes even physical threats against companies they feel wronged them. Some companies, admittedly, are less than scrupulous. But investors need to remember the old saying, caveat emptor. If you invest your life's savings in one stock, much less one speculative stock, you will most likely lose your shirt. Real the Motley Fool and find out what investing is all about. Thanks Linux Today.

Mozilla 0.9.1 Released!

Mozilla has released version 0.9.1 of their open-source web browser suite (web browser, mail, news, HTML editor). Check out the release notes while you are downloading.

Big Visor News

VisorCentral is reporting that Handspring will be announcing a new rebate plan tomorrow. Trade in any PDA (or if you are a current Handspring user, you can just give your old one to a friend or family member) and get $100 off their new Visor Edge. VC also reports that the price on the Visor Prism (with 16 bit color) will be lowered to $399 soon. That's getting close to being tempting . . .

Half-Life: DMC Released!

Valve has released the promised Half-Life: Deathmatch Classic, a mod that make Half-Life play like the original Quake. It is a 13M download. You can snag it from Blue's, FilePlanet, or Shacknews.

UPDATE! 11:30 P.M. I just played a couple of levels online. It's nice to play Quake 1 with decent netcode :) I got my rear end handed to me the first two or three levels, but was among the leaders on the fourth. I just wish they had a bona fide Ranger model.

What Happened with Apache.Org?

SecurityPortal has an article on how Apache.Org was compromised. I'm sure many server ops are in the same boat Apache's was. If you have a server on the 'Net, or if you ever log in to any servers on the Net, read this article. Thanks Linux Today.

Wolfie Movie Revisited

I finally got the Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie (story) downloaded. It appears to be pretty cool. I say "appears" because my computer can not play it at full speed. That doesn't say much for my computer's ability to play the actual game, does it.

Pondering the Imponderable

The Master gets home today, prepare to ph34r.

The Master comments: Dang that was a long flight. Thankfully I got my lost hour back in the process. I used to think Boston was an expensive city. I can't BELIEVE how expensive my hotel was in DC. They even wanted $6.95 for each SHOW on History Channel. What kind of **** is that?!?!?

A.T. Hun comments: The History Channel. Yeah, that's it. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Return to Wolfenstein Movie

Somebody had a change of heart, because the Return to Castle Wolfenstein video presented at E3 has been released. Blue has a list of mirrors. I'm hoping a few more mirrors pop up because I've been having a terrible time trying to download it.

Quake for Half-Life

Valve has created a mod for Half-Life that makes it play like the original Quake. The mod is called Deathmatch Classic or DMC for short. You can get the scoop on Shacknews or GameSpy. All the models, sounds, and textures are new (but obviously inspired by the original), but all the physics are the same. The maps included will be versions of DM2, DM3, DM4, DM6, and E1M2. The mod is supposed to be released "real soon". Thanks Blue.

Now my big questions are these: will mappers be allowed to make conversions of old Quake maps and, if so, when will someone port E1M8?

The Master comments: Yeah! I wanna play some Ziggurat Vertigo dang it! I do wonder how well that map would play in another game tho. I doubt it would feel quite the same.

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