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Saturday, June 9, 2001

Congrats to the Avs, I Guess

Congratulations are in order for the Colorado Nordilanche who just won Lord Stanley's hardware. I'm happy for Ray Bourque, who finally got his Cup after so many years. On the other hand, as a Red Wings fan I cough up blood at the very thought of the Avs. Oh well. October is not that far away, is it?

New PalmOS Emulator

Palm has released a new version (3.2) of the PalmOS emulator (aka POSE). POSE allows you to run PalmOS applications on a virtual PDA on your Windows, Linux, or Mac box. It is an invaluable resource for any aspiring PalmOS programmers like myself.

Filtering M$ Word

Several of the major open source word processing projects (Abiword, wvWare, and KWord) are going to be working together to create import and export filters for M$ Word documents. As much as the Word format is an albatross, it is used by most everyone. Even if Linux word processors can offer better formats, they still need to support Word for most businesses to seriously think about using them. Thanks Slashdot.

On a personal note, a WordPerfect filter would be nice too.

Friday, June 8, 2001

NOLF Postmortem

Gamasutra posted another game postmortem, this one covering No One Lives Forever, written by Monolith's Craig Hubbard. I must confess that I am disappointed that NOLF didn't end up being what it started out as, namely, a "spiritual sequel to Shogo". I would hope that Lith would make Shogo 2 someday, but I fear I'm holding my breath for no good purpose. Thanks Blue.

Half-Life: DMC Info

The one thing I felt that was a glaring omission in the Half-Life: Deathmatch Classic mod (story) was the instant weapon switch. That can be fixed by pulling down the console and typing:

hud_fastswitch 1

That feels more like classic Quake. My only other grips is that the weapons' bounding boxes seem a bit small at times. Oh well. It's still pretty cool.

Handspring Trade-Up

As I reported yesterday (story) Handspring has announced their trade-up program. If you have a Handspring Visor already, just order a Visor Edge at, enter your current serial number, and you get $100 off. If you have another kind of PDA (functioning or not!), just order a Visor Edge at, then mail your old PDA with the Edge UPC code and you'll get a $100 check in the mail. Hmmmm. Tempting . . .

Xbox Features ActiveDeath Technology

Microsoft brings new levels of excitement to your gaming! Read about it here!

A.T. Hun comments: Actually this is nothing new. This technology has always been a part of Internet Explorer. It's been quite lethal to my system.

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