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Sunday, June 24, 2001

Unreal 2 Interview

Gameplex interviewed Legend's Mike Verdu about Unreal 2. Here's a snip for your reading pleasure:
What are the enemies the player encounters and what tactics do they use?

There are 24 different enemies in the game. Some are human - like Military soldiers and mercenaries - and some are totally alien, like the bio-mechanical Striders. The Skaarj from the original Unreal make an appearance in Unreal II, but they are the only race to return from the first game. Some examples of enemies - both in-game images and concept sketches - can be found on the web site.
Thanks Blue, et al.

Jailbreak: Prisoners of War Released

Team Reaction and Black Knight Productions have released the first version of their joint mod for Quake III Arena Jailbreak: Prisoners of War. If you are familiar with Jailbreak or Prisoners of War, you should know what this mod is all about. Basically there are two teams. When you are fragged you go to jail. If you're entire team is jailed, you are "executed," and the game starts over. Teammates can free their jailed comrades. Very simple, but very cool. Thanks Blue's News.

Saturday, June 23, 2001

It Worked!

Red Hat released an update kernel for their 7.1 distribution which I am using. I decided to try using their up2date utility to do it, since their email implied that it would work. Since even an RPM kernel upgrade can be a pain, I was skeptical. Well, color me convinced. It worked like a charm! The only casualty was my NVIDIA kernel driver. The RPM for that required the old kernel. All I had to do is snag the source RPM, rebuild it, install it, and I am in business again. All too easy. Kudos to the Red Hat team!

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