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Monday, July 9, 2001

Dealing with Idiots

LinuxPlanet has a rather interesting real-life story of encountering some pro-Linux idiots. Now the author is very much pro-Linux too. It's just that the idiots in question could come up with nothing more intelligent than referring to Redmond's OS as "Windblows." They couldn't even pronounce the word Linux. Sometimes our friends can do far more damage than our enemies. Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: Oh, MAN did I chuckle reading this. Good stuff :)

New SoF 1.07 Patch

Raven's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with news of a new, albiet beta, 1.07f patch for Soldier of Fortune. The 1.07 patch released on Friday had a rather nasty crashing bug that they are working on getting fixed.

Satellite Radio

Ars Technica referenced this Wired article on a couple of companies' efforts to bring satellite radio to the masses. Basically they will be broadcasting commercial-free (or nearly commercial free) CD-quality audio to special receivers for a monthly fee. It sound like a godsend for people who spend a lot of time in their cars. However, with satellite TV and digital cable offering basically the same thing, will it fly mainly on the strength of commuters?

HL: Opera released

There's a new mod for Half-Life that has been released called Half-Life: Opera. This is basically a John Woo action mod for HL. I read over the home page and it sounds intriguing.

Sunday, July 8, 2001


We went through the time and effort to make homemade chocolate ice cream today. Eeyore crushed all the ice, and I babysat the machine. Making ice cream is a whole lot of work, but wow-are those results fantastic :-) Oh, BTW, Seroogy's (no affiliation, yadda yadda) dark chocolate is the BOMB in ice cream.

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