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Saturday, July 14, 2001

Blue Shift Review

Completed the Blue Shift add-on for Half-Life last night. It is extremely short, but it is very well done, adds a lot of interesting gameplay to the HL universe, and actually ends well :-) (Okay, that's my opinion anyway, but I hate the ending of Half-Life). If you don't have the Opposing Forces add-on, I would recommend picking up the Blue Shift pack. Otherwise, I might wait, since you'll be paying $20 for a very short add-on.

A.T. Hun comments: That basically was my thought on it too. I didn't have OpFor yet, so it was a no-brainer for me. The high-definition pack is a nice addition too. It adds a lot of detail without destroying the framerates.

Friday, July 13, 2001


What a week. Thankfully, it looks like Friday the 13th didn't manage to rear its ugly head--however, the rest of the week did :-) One of the most wonderful feelings an MIS person can feel is when you get notified that the construction crew outside your place of business has chopped through the feeder cable for a DS-3 that your T1s run through. All 5 of them. Suddenly, all this modern communications equipment becomes wonderful space heaters, but not much else. I highly recommend this experience. NOT.

Threewave Unification Beta

UK Gamer posted a brief look at a beta version of the Threewave Unification project, a capture-the-flag mod project for Quake III Arena. The article talks about some of the maps and gives some nice screenshots so you get an idea of what they are talking about. I saw this link posted on several sites a few days ago, but UK Gamer's site was unresponsive. They've got the bugs worked out now.

I'm glad this project is continuing, although I debate the merits of trying to bolt Q2-style CTF on to Q3A. There are rumors of a third game type too (beside regular Q3A CTF, and Classic CTF) which could be interesting.

Uninstall IE in WinXP

Microsoft has thrown a bone to the government by saying that it will allow Internet Explorer to be uninstalled in WindowsXP. This would have been cool five years ago. Basically it amounts to Microsoft saying, "We crushed the competition, so there's no reason to be anticompetitive in this sector any more." Of course, they continue to feel free to be anticompetitive in streaming media and instant messaging. I also wonder what will be uninstalled since IE is so tied to the WinXP desktop. Maybe it will just uninstall the icons. Thanks Ars Technica.

J.t.Qbe comments: Microsoft once again gives everyone the finger. They've destroyed the competition and won the browser war, so now they say "Sure, you can uninstall IE from XP." How many XP users will really do that?

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