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Thursday, July 19, 2001

IIS Worm Infects > 100K Servers

This CNet article claims that a new worm has infected 12,000 IIS servers (UPDATE! That number has been increased to over 100,000). Apparently Microsoft released a fix for this exploit some time ago, but many sysadmins never bothered to apply it. Ooops. A follow-up article indicates that infected servers was to be used for a massive DDOS attack on tonight. Fortunately an error in the worm's code stops it from working. Thanks Slashdot.

This probably explains why my firewall has been hit about 25 times since noon even though I've been doing next to nothing online.

The Master comments: Yup, EZ-Net's IP range falls within the worm's probe range. The Haus has been probed at least 30 times today. I'll be watching to see what happens tomorrow . . .

Romero and Hall Leave ION Storm

The saga that is ION Storm has apparently officially come to a close. Gamespy got word from Eidos Interactive that John Romero and Tom Hall have left the company. The ION Storm name will be continued by the crew in Austin. It is also reported that most of ION Storm Dallas was sacked. Here's the announcement:
"John Romero and Tom Hall have decided to depart Ion Storm to pursue other interests. We wish them luck in their future endeavors and thank them for their contribution to Ion Storm over the years, without which we would never have put together such talented teams in both our Austin and Dallas offices. Ion Storm will continue as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos and work on the sequels to the awarding winning Thief and Deus Ex titles as well as Deus Ex for the PS2."
It's a pity that the only things the Dallas office will be remembered for are overspending, one horrifically awful game, and one quite-good-but-too-late game. Thanks Blue.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Paul Jaquays Interview

Gamasutra posted an interview with id's Paul Jaquays from this year's Game Developers Conference. It's much better than the standard "How did you get your start?" type interview. Check it out.

Why Linux Will Never Be Mainstream

CmdrTaco over at Slashdot posted an interesting article on Why Linux Will Never Be Mainstream. He blames the vociferous minority of Linux users who find the need to be absolutely evil toward any company that does not currently support Linux. Of course, this is why I'm against anonymous messageboards. People tend to use their anonymity as an excuse to be a jerk.

No More Java for WinXP

ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft has dropped Java from WindowsXP. This was done apparently in the name of "security." This seems to be a rather odd move since it would seem to give the government all kinds of ammunition for the antitrust case against M$. Thanks Slashdot.

The Master comments: Have you ever noticed? Monopolists just can't help but shoot themselves right where it's tender. Nice move M$ :-)

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