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Thursday, July 26, 2001


I bought a Toy Story CD-ROM for my son's birthday and tried to install it today. It insisted on installing an old (2.something) version of QuickTime, which of course hosed my QuickTime 5 installation. Plus the CD insists on being run in 256 colors. Whoever wrote this should be shot directly in the head.

The Master comments: Heh-had that same problem with Reader Rabbit-it installs spyware too. Unfortunately, Kid software is somehow considered a bottom-feeder market, so nobody puts in the time to make good installers or to support newer PCs.

The Death Knell for RAMBUS

ZDNet is reporting that Intel is dropping rebates for PC makers who make PCs with P4s and RDRAM. Intel's official line is that RAMBUS' RDRAM has dropped in price enough that the rebate is no longer necessary. However, since Intel is coming out with an SDRAM chipset for the P4, you have to wonder how much they are going to push RDRAM from now on. At the very least we won't be forced to use a more expensive technology that doesn't deliver comparable performance. Thanks Slashdot.

The Master comments: So, when is Intel going to let us FINALLY sing: "ding, dong the witch is dead"?

Wednesday, July 25, 2001


Played some GLQuake (yes, Quake 1) tonight. Fired up the Vigil game and blew up a ton of monsters. Quake 1 can be amazingly fun, even if it looks dated by today's games. Now I may just have to play through the original Quake again, just for the giggles.

Oh, and it runs like a bat out of **** too :-)

The Anti-MS Crusade Continues

This CNet article details plans by members of Congress and several Microsoft competitors to delay the release of WindowsXP. I fear the MS is going to start looking like a martyr against the big, bad government, much like organized crime leaders were regarded as heros while on trial.

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