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Sunday, July 29, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, kids, the names-with-spaces bug is still present in the Quake III Arena 1.29g patch. Not only that, but I got the fs_handleforfile: none free error that was in the list of fixed bugs. I'm glad it takes so long for patches to come out and not fix anything.

In brighter news, I downloaded the Diablo II demo. That's right, I'm the only person in the world who has never played Diablo. Now I know what all the fuss is about. I can't stop playing the silly thing. I'll have to pick it up next time its on sale. Maybe I can get it bundled with the new expansion pack.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

Q3A Win32 Installer Fix

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan yet again with a temporary work around for the problem with the Win32 installer for the latest Quake III Arena point release. Here's the fix in his own somewhat linguistically-challenged words:
There is an issue if you download the full ( 25MB ) 1.29g install and apply it on top of 1.29f. The installer does not overwrite the existing baseq3/pak6.pk3 and missionpack/pak1.pk3. AUTO-UPDATE works just fine so if you have 1.29f it is best to do that anyway as the update is much smaller. The installer also works fine on any version prior to 1.29f. Most people will have just ran auto-update but for those that cannot or don't like auto-updaters can remove the above pak files before running it and it will work fine.

The game will run either way as the .exe is compatible with either set of pak files. Our install/setup person is out of town until tomorrow night. Once he is back we will get an updated setup that works properly.

Q3A Win32 Installer Problems?

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with news that some people are having problems getting the Win32 installer for the 1.29g Quake III Arena patch to work properly. Here's all we know:
I have seen a few reports of the full Win32 installer not properly installing the latest PAK3 files. Looking into this now, if there is an there is an issue, I'll get more info/fixes up tomorrow ( Saturday ).
Since I don't have Q3A installed on my Win98 partition anymore, I can't say if it works or not. However, I applied the patch to my Linux installation and it worked like a charm.

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