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Sunday, August 5, 2001

BattleTech Is Dead-Long Live BattleTech

Just got done reading some stuff on, and some other stuff over on WizKids Battletech website, and it's official. BattleTech, as those who played and loved it for 20 years, is dead. They're remaking it into a new "clickbase" system, and moving the story 20 years in the future so they can toss the current storyline. Blech. Oh, well. I rarely have time for the game anymore anyway, so I'm not going to shed many tears. Heck, Eeyore will probably celebrate the death of one of my extensive list of hobbies :-)

New Master .plan

I've posted a new Master .plan, with some commentary on the Code Red Virus. Check it out: Those who do not remember history...

Make that Code Red II

Several reports are circulating that a new variant of the Code Red worm called Code Red II is making its way around the Net. Once again it attacks Win2K/NT boxes running MS's IIS webserver. This version opens up a backdoor on any infected system. If servers have not been patched, it may be too late. Security News Portal tells what it does. It's not good, folks. Basically I can pick any of the I.P.s that are attempting to contact me and immediately telnet to their box. Think there are going to be a few DDoS attacks coming up soon? J.t.Qbe just moved to Michigan and his brand new cable modem's activity light is almost always on from this thing.

Update! There is a discussion on this worm over on the Gibson Research website.

The Master comments: I can confirm for sure that The Haus has seen at least one hit from this worm. So it's on the loose kids.

J.t.Qbe comments: Over the last few days I've watched this grow into a storm--my cable modem's data LED is constantly blinking, from once every few seconds (a few days ago) to numerous times per second. Think there'll be any backlash against IIS over this one? I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE! 11:23 P.M. Bugtraq has the lowdown on Code Red II. This is not just a modification of Code Red, it's a whole new animal with a similar attack pattern. Apparently, like Code Red, it does not affect WinNT 4.0, just Win2K servers. I was not aware of that limitation. Mea culpa. Fortunately it seems like it can be removed relatively easily . . . assuming the server has not been compromised further.

Saturday, August 4, 2001

Code Red

Updated! 10:24 AM

K-just did some informal stats on Code Red. I'm sure A.T. will add to this in the morning:

Hit count for various systems from Code Red worm:
The Master: 301 hits from 3:30 PM CST Aug 4
Eeyore: 254 from 3:30 PM CST Aug 4
The Haus server: 124 from Jul 30-Aug 4.

Okay, mayhaps this thing is getting a bit out of hand again?

A.T. Hun comments: 65 in the past 22 hours (although for whatever reason it doesn't seem to hit much in the wee hours of the morning).

New ZoneAlarm

A new version of the extremely cool ZoneAlarm firewall for Windows has been released. This brings it to version 2.6.231 and fixes a number of bugs. If you have high-speed Internet access (cable, DSL, etc.), don't let someone take over your box. Grab ZoneAlarm now! Did I mention that it is free?

The Master comments: Oh, BTW: NONE of the personal firewall software will protect an internet exposed web server from the Code Red virus. If you REALLY want to run a publicly accessable ANYTHING nowadays, you'd better keep on top of your patches, and I would recommend a application-level scanning firewall like Raptor or the Symantec Enterprise firewall (no affiliation, yadda yadda). Prepare to pay real money for it too. Security does not come cheap. But it's better than what's going on right now on the Internet.

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