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Friday, August 10, 2001

New id Games Announced

As promised, id announced some new games at QuakeCon this afternoon. GameSpy Daily got the scoop. Here's the rundown of the announcements:My, Raven seems to have a lot of irons in the fire: Jedi Knight II, Soldier of Fortune 2, and now Quake 4.

JKII at QuakeCon

Raven's James Monroe updated his .plan with a not-so-subtle encouragement to read some thoughts written upon viewing the Jedi Knight II demonstration at QuakeCon. Granted, this is from a JKII fan site, but still. Here's a snip:
I had also recently read that there will be no bot support with JK2 (I don't remember where I read this) but they clarified that it WILL have full bot support. No word yet on whether or not there will be any dual ended Light sabers (ala Darth Maul) or not, and they are not sure if there will be a Linux port just yet. The projected release date is Spring 2002.
Looks like I'm going to need a hardware upgrade before next spring!


Thank goodness the heat finally broke. Waking up this morning to (1) having a BLANKET on the bed, and (2) having a CAT under said blanket was quite a shock.

I'm on the mailing list for PHP development updates. PHP is a wonderful web-scripting language, and its development has been nothing less than incredible. However, it's interesting watching the infighting that can happen between programmers with differing views on coding, programming style, macros, and what's "right" and "wrong" when writing a specific piece of code. It sometimes surprises me that large projects like PHP can happen with this kind of fighting, but they always manage to chug along. Thank GOD.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

GodGames RIP

Gamespot has an article on GodGames CEO Mike Wilson regarding the demise of what was supposed to be the ultimate publisher for independant developers. Hmm so let's see: ION Storm, now GodGames. Not a brilliant track record there. At least Wilson has proven he can burn through venture capital. Thanks Blue.

Beware DHMO!

Great--yet another environmental poison which is out to get you. You simply can't avoid this one either--it's everywhere. You're already a goner. The name: dihydrogen monoxide. Read about it at At very least, read Dihydrogen Monoxide - The Truth. You have been warned.

A.T. Hun comments: And to think I spilled some of this crap on myself today!

AT&T@Home Blocks Port 80

In response to the Code Red worm(s), AT&T broadband/Excite@home is blocking port 80. Port 80 is the port that webservers run on and thus also the one that Code Red has been using to spread. Verizon is apparently doing the same for their DSL customers. As annoying as it may be, I think this is the only way to stop it since far too many cable/DSL folks running IIS either don't know or don't care to patch their servers. I thought that most broadband EULAs specifically forbid running servers anyway. Thanks Slashdot.

J.t.Qbe comments: I wonder when the filtering is supposed to begin--from the blinking of my cable modem's data light, it hasn't begun yet! I was reading my AT&T Subscriber Agreement last night and didn't find any "no server" clause. I thought I'd read somewhere that home users weren't allowed to run servers (maybe I saw it on the @Home website), but according to the page you linked and the SA, it must be allowed, at least for web servers.

Linux Today AstroTurfing Follow-Up

Linux Today editor Michael Hall added some more comments to the apology offered by Kevin Reichard for "astroturfing" (story). The most interesting bit is that Reichard is being reassigned within and will no longer be working with any of their Linux sites. Hopefully Linux Today can recover from this. The reassignment is the first and most important step in that direction.

QuakeCon Coverage

QuakeCon has just begun and you can catch all the news on QuakeCon Radio (WinAmp, XMMS, etc. required). id's game announcements are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so we'll finally be able to see what they have up their sleeves.

Code Red Nails Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that their Hotmail servers were hit by Code Red. I think I speak for everyone in the whole world when I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Doesn't it say something when the company that makes the software doesn't patch their own servers running that software? Should anybody trust .NET to keep our data safe and secure? Hello?!? MS proves time and time again that they are utterly incapable of keeping servers running and secure for relatively mundane things like Hotmail and instant messaging. How will they possibly do it right with .NET? The answer: they won't and it will be .NET users who take it in the shorts. Thanks Slashdot.

J.t.Qbe comments: And let's not miss the irony here: just a short while ago Microsoft made a big deal about the fact that it had (allegedly) migrated all of Hotmail to Win2K, from its previous FreeBSD-based servers--where Code Red wouldn't have touched it at all! I'm with you, A.T.: HAHAHAHAHA!

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