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Friday, August 24, 2001

WinXP Goes Gold

Well, they beat the DoJ to the punch. WinXP has gone gold. Contrary to the prices give in the Ars Technica article I linked to today, it'll cost you $199 to upgrade to WinXP Professional. Ouch. Gee, I wonder what will be in the next issue of PC Mag?

XP Home vs. Professional

Ars Technica gives a quick overview of the differences between WindowsXP Home Edition and Professional Edition. It sounds like if you are anything vaguely resembling a "power user," you are going to want to pony up the extra coin for the Professional Edition. Maybe in a couple of years I'll have a machine powerful enough to run XP decently. Hopefully by then it will be moot.

Having said that, if the new DOOM is XP-only (which I'm certain it won't be) I may have to rethink it. Even if I were keen on remaining in the Windows world, I would wait until at least the end of next year and let all the early adopters iron out all the bugs.

If you are really interested in the latest and greatest in Windows, you'll want to check out Windows RG (Really Good) Edition. It has everything you've come to expect from Redmond's OSes.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Microsoft Fakes Letters of Support

I can't believe it: Microsoft does something shady and questionable! Apparently a number of attorneys general have been receiving letters in support of Microsoft, letters written by ordinary citizens. Or maybe not. Some of those ordinary citizens are dead, and others mysteriously use the same wording and sentences in their letters. Oops. Read all about it here.

A.T. Hun comments: This is how the term "astroturfing" came about. It's a false grassroots movement, thus, astroturf. Unfortunately, I'm sure that M$ isn't the only company to do this. What is amazing is how stupid they were in going about it.


Was reading today's User Friendly, and I gotta admit: I laughed my butt off. I know EXACTLY how this feels :-)

J.t.Qbe comments: Been there, done that. . .

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