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Monday, September 3, 2001


Welp, it looks like Code Red is blasting off across the Internet once again this month. I've gotten well over 200 hits in the last two days (I don't have numbers for the first) and it's running steady. Can we start suing the idiots who refuse to patch their machines now?

J.t.Qbe comments: I've seen fewer hits in the last few days--it seems to be slowing down for me (I'm connected via @Home cable modem). Still, I hope Code Red opens some eyes about the "security" of Microsoft systems. I read this last week (don't have the link) that one insurance company is raising the rates for companies who use Microsoft systems vs. other platforms. I think that this will continue.

Saturday, September 1, 2001

Threewave Interview interviewed Casey from Threewave about their upcoming CTF Unification Project for Quake III Arena. It will come with three distinct CTF versions (standard Q3A, CCTF, and one that is a surprise) as well as 32 new maps. I keep hearing that it is "almost done." Hopefully soon. Thanks Planet Quake.

The Cost of Viruses

This CNNfn article estimates the total cost of various viruses to be $10.7 billion for this year so far. I'm not entirely certain how those numbers are gained. Basically it's computed by the amount of time and money cleaning up the virus or worm and then the amount of productivity lost in the process. It is of interest that of all the ones they mentioned, all but one attacks Outlook. The other is Code Red. Good thing Outlook makes everyone so productive, eh? Thanks Slashdot.

The Master comments: Actually, Outlook is a nice tool. I do wish it didn't have a 26mb memory footprint. Course, that's lazy programming techniques and too much template coding. C'est la vie. I still refuse to use it for home email tho :-)

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