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Thursday, September 13, 2001

Wolfie Multiplayer Test Saturday

id and Activision have pushed back the release of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test to Saturday. While nothing official has been said along that line, perhaps this is in respect to President Bush's declaration of a national day of mourning tomorrow. Thanks Blue's News.

Word Processing in Linux

Lost among this week's events is the fact that I finally found an excellent solution to my Linux word processing problems. I had been using the downloadable version of WordPerfect 8 for Linux with some success, but needed the full version to make use of different fonts and other things. The folks on corel.wpoffice.wordperfect8-linux tuned me into the WordPerfect for Linux Bible at The book comes with the full version of WP8 for Linux on CD. Best of all, it was only $12. Talk about a steal. If you are familiar with WordPerfect, the Linux version will be pretty natural for you. It also comes with about 5,000 pieces of clip art and 140 Type 1 fonts. A sweet deal at many times that price. Get it.

Why in the world Corel basically dropped this incredible program is beyond me. I wish they could release it (or at least most of it) under the GPL so that the hackers out there could keep working on it.

Reliving the Tragedy

One Slashdot reader who was on the 38th floor of the first World Trade Center tower to be hit shares his experience in escaping. He is one of the very fortunate ones. I'm sure we'll hear more harrowing tales like this.

UPDATE! J.t.Qbe sent me an email with a column by a writer for the Miami Herald. I found it online here. It sums up the attitude of every true American right now better than anything I've read. Go read it now.

UPDATE #2! I just heard that a friend of my sister was driving by the Pentagon at the exact moment that the plane smashed into it. He is fine, but he is shaken beyond belief. I can't imagine--I'm amazed he kept his car on the freeway.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Enough is Enough

I just saw on NBC how some rednecks in Illinois were parked outside a mosque waving an American flag and yelling obscenities at American Muslims. Guess what, jerks, you are just as bad as the morons who flew the planes yesterday. Let's rise above the level of common terrorist. If you can only be a jerk, please crawl back under a rock so the rest of society will not have to suffer you anymore.

Fake Nostradamus Quotes

The attack on the World Trade Center has given rise to several supposed prophecies from Nostradamus. It's all fine and good until you realize they are fake. Urban Legends has the scoop. The really funny thing is that, according to the date on the quote, Nostradamus would have to have been 151 when he made that prediction. Of course, as the article points out, all of Nostradamus's "prophecies" are so incredibly vague they could apply to almost any major event in world history. Thanks Stomped.

NATO Prepares Resolution

CNN is reporting that NATO is preparing to invoke their self-defense charter for the first time in the organization's history. Here's what that would mean:
The proposal, put forward by NATO Secretary-General George Robertson, would call for support of Article Five of the alliance's charter, which is the basic reason for NATO's existence.

It spells out the requirement that if one of NATO's members is attacked, all its allies would defend it.

One official put it this way: "A hit for one is a hit for all."
Update 3:20pm: NATO has unanimously approved application of Article V to this situation. The attack on the US is now an attack on all NATO member states.

New Ask Sweeney

In our first effort to return to normal, we give you the latest update to Voodoo Extreme's Ask (Epic's Tim) Sweeney column. In this edition they discuss OpenGL vs. DirectX, 64-bit processing, and ATi's Radeon 8500.

A Break in the Case

It seems that the evidence of who did the hijackings is beginning to mount. A car rented by some of the hijakers has been found. Here's a snip:
U.S. intelligence sources told that FBI agents had located a car that apparently brought some of the terrorists to the airport, where the two hijacked flights that destroyed the World Trade Center originated.

Video from surveillance cameras showed that five men, all apparently of Arabic origin, left the rented car in an airport garage, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Flight manuals and paperwork were found in the vehicle.
One of those involved was a trained pilot. Looks like we've got our smoking gun. Time to warm up the B-52s.

I also saw on NBC that a poll was taken where 94% of Americans were in favor of a military response. An amazing 92% were in favor of it even if it meant war. Mr. Terrorist, you have awakened the slumbering giant.

The Master comments: Heh-another quote from Pearl Harbor. This thing is gonna cost some people big time.

UPDATE! by A.T. Hun I'm also hearing on NBC that many arrests are being made by the FBI and that the government of Pakistan is urging the government of Afghanistan to turn over bin Laden.

UPDATE #2! by A.T. Hun It appears that the FBI has now identified all of the hijackers. They are all of Saudi or Egyptian descent. The scary thing is that the ones who were the pilots got their training here in the U.S. The trace is getting stronger.

Returning to Normal

It might seem impossible following yesterday's terrorist attacks, but we will try to return to normal. I must admit that gaming and computing news seem rather trivial at times like this. If you have an American flag, fly it. I think by the time all this is over, the perpetrators will wish they had never heard of the United States.

J.t.Qbe comments: You said it, A.T. Today's User Friendly sums it up. The first plane went in near one of our customers; today 80% of the IT staff is missing. You don't do this to America and expect to get away with it.

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