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Sunday, September 16, 2001

Wolfie Test Linux Server Released

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with word of the Linux dedicated server for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test. Here's the scoop:
The dedicated Linux server installs for Linux are now available. THe smaller (2 MB) version does NOT have media so you will need the Win32 setup if you get it. The larger (65MB) version has everything you need. In general server commands are very similar to Q3A if not identical.

Grab them here

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Wolfenstein MP Test Released

id and Activision have released the multiplayer test for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It weighs in at 63.5M and is available from FilePlanet, Blue's News, and 3D Gamers. Naturally, all the mirrors are being hammered. id's Robert Duffy also informed Shacknews that the file is an old version. Don't bother downloading it. The file you want is WolfMPTEST0915.exe.

Ouch! The README says the test requires a PII-500 or better!

Wolfenstein Tips

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with some general hints and tips for playing the soon-to-be-released Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test. Here's a snip:
The key to Wolf MP is teamwork, you need good class balance to perform the objectives. There is no health on the map, and no ammo either. You will need a Medic to supply health and a Lieutenant to supply ammo. Here is a quick run down on some stuff. More info is in the readme that will accompany the test but this will get you started. Wolf MP was designed to have friendly fire on, you can turn it off but it is much more fun on.

Wolfie for Linux? Yes!

id's Timothee Besset sent a message to Linux Games stating the following about Linux and the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test:
There will be a linux dedicated, no client yet... maybe a few days after the test is out... there will be a linux dedicated .. we've been testing it for a while .. as for the client I haven't started with it yet
W00t! So while there may not be a Linux client for the test initially, it seems clear that there definitely will be one for the full version. Suh-weet! I'm so geeked I can hardly stand it.

The Master comments: A.T. is geeked -- may the world tremble in fear :-)

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