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Saturday, September 22, 2001

Linux Wolfie Client Released!

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with word that the Linux client for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test has been released! Too sweet. It can be snagged from I would assume that the usual suspects will also have mirrors.

Linux Wolfie Screenshot

id's Timothee Besset sent a screenshot to Linux Games of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test running under Linux. Hopefully that means that we'll soon have a client to download. Too cool.

No King of Pop for You!

Our very own Wraith pointed me to this site which claims that Michael Jackson's new CD single has technology that keeps it from being played in a CD-ROM drive. Apparently the recording industry feels it hasn't ripped off customers enough. Now it comes up with an unplayable CD! Of course, I can't stand Michael Jackson (although Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal is pretty cool) so this won't affect me immediately. The Master, however, will be heartbroken :)

UPDATE! Heh. I'm hearing reports that the single is already showing up on popular file-sharing systems. So much for copy protection. Maybe if they sell CDs cheaper with fewer crappy songs people would buy more. Nah, that makes too much sense.

The Master comments: Ummm... I have NO (read: negative 10 bazillion) use for The Jackson. He is way too odd for me. Blech. Even being accused of this in JEST is a mortal insult. I need to wash now or something.

Friday, September 21, 2001

DSL Providers Lay Down the Law

Wired is reporting that several DSL providers are cutting off access for people who are either unwilling or too stupid to remove Code Red or Nimda from their boxes. It's drastic, but maybe it will be enough to convince some folks to patch their OS. This link came from Shacknews, but I've heard similar things at other sites.

Redwood Axed

Redwood announced on Stomped that today is his last day with them. Although he claims that this does not mean that Stomped itself is done for, I see no other reason to visit them.

While I feel bad for Redwood, I'm still amazed that people could make a living doing little more than posting gaming news. Completely amazing. What's even more amazing is the weeping and gnashing of teeth going on now that reality has set in in a big way.

The Master comments: Redwood's quake news site was the first site I ever visited when I started playing Quake extensively. He did an excellent job, and I stayed loyal to Redwood up till his site was combined with the Stomped frontpage. Then I switched to Blue. He always did good work, and he will be missed.

Jedi Outcast Screenies

LucasArts has posted a few new screenshots of the forthcoming Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast in development by Raven. This one is definitely on my "must buy" list.

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