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Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, Diablo II is sucking up just as much of my life as I imagined it was going to. It's a peck of fun and my Druid continues to climb the level ladder. J.t.Qbe is talking about picking up the Diablo Battle Chest too (just $39.99 at Best Buy this week. No affiliation, yadda, yadda.), so maybe we can restart our old RPG playing kick from college. Although now instead of being right next to each other, we will be about 400 miles apart, but still . . .

RealOne Alpha for Linux Released

RealNetworks has released a preview/alpha version of their RealOne (aka RealPlayer 9) streaming media player for libc6 i386 Linux. Check out the download directions on Linux Today. It just got done downloading for me. I'll let you know how it works.

UPDATE! OK, it's definitely an alpha release. It defaults to trying to install under your home directory which is probably just as well so it doesn't nuke your current RealPlayer installation. The installer segfaulted on me, but it seemed to get all the files installed because the program itself will run. The new UI is very slick (dare I say, very non-Linux in a good way) and will include support for different skins. Finally there are bookmarks available. I'll do some more testing and report back.

AbiWord 0.9.4 Released

AbiSource has released version 0.9.4 of their cross-platform, open-source word processor, AbiWord. You can read the release notes here. You can get binaries for most major OSes or snag the source code. Among the changes in this new version is the debut of a WordPerfect filter! I'll definitely be checking that out. Thanks Linux Today.

Monday, October 1, 2001

NFL Week #3 Final

The 49ers squeaked one out over the Jets so Eeyore and I tied at 9-5. Year to date, I am 28-15 (.651) and Eeyore is 23-20 (.535) so we're both on the positive side now. Here's to looking forward to next weeks picks!

NFL Week #3 So Far

With only tonight's games left, I am 8-5 and Eeyore is 9-4. If the Niners win tonight, I can forge a tie. If the Jets win, I'll be eating crow. Not like that'll be the first time or anything . . .

OS X Q3A 1.30 Patch

id has released the Mac OS X version of the 1.30 patch for Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena. You can snag it from id's FTP site or Blue's list of mirrors.

NVIDIA Announces New Titanium GeForces

AnandTech has the lowdown on the new GeForce3s that NVIDIA announced today. They all bear the "Titanium" name. The new models are the GeForce3 Ti 500 (think GeForce3 Ultra), GeForce3 Ti 200 (sort of like a GeForce3 MX), and the GeForce2 Ti 200 (basically the same as the GeForce2 Pro). The GeForce3 Ti 200 sounds like it's going to be a sweet card from a price/performance standpoint. Am I interested? Oh yes.

Sklyarov Gets High-Powered Lawyer is reporting that Dmitry Sklyarov has gotten a high-profile lawyer to take his case. You may remember that Sklyarov is charged with a violation of the DMCA, although Adobe (the company he allegedly wronged) has distanced itself from the case. I hope this can lead to the end of the DMCA itself. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Thanks Slashdot.


I would have posted news yesterday, but my useless garbage ISP doesn't work over the weekends, so I still don't have access to email or any of the gaming newsites online, so I had no way to post news. I knew A.T. was busy yesterday, but had no way to cover it. Heck, multiple times last week I had no access at all, and was lucky when I could get to The Haus. I'm planning to call Time-Warner over my lunch and frying somebody-I'm sick of this crap. It's been a week now. If we ran our work network like TW runs Roadrunner, I would be living out of a cardboard box on Oneida Street.

A.T. Hun comments: I was gone for a good chunk of the day. When I returned, I had the Diablo Battle Chest in hand so you can guess where the rest of my day went :)

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