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Thursday, October 4, 2001

Visor Prism Price Drop

Handspring has dropped the price of the Visor Prism to $299. It originally sold for $450. That's dropping down to the point where people can actually justify buying one. Having said that, I'm still holding out for a Visor with the Prism's 16K color screen and the Edge's thin form factor.

DOOM GBA Interview

NextGame interviewed David Palmer and Mat Hopwood about their work on DOOM for the GameBoy Advance for id Software. The thought of playing portable DOOM co-op is almost enough to make we want to snag a GBA. Thanks Shacknews.

MonkeyStone Interview

VoodooExtreme slapped up an interview with MonkeyStone Games aka the former ION Storm: Dallas braintrust of Tom Hall, John Romero, and Stevie Case. It seems that they are developing a PocketPC game as their next project. No word if this new game will make your handheld Romero's b!tch.

RealOne Alpha for Linux Update

The RealOne (aka RealPlayer 9) alpha for Linux (story) seems to work pretty well in the limited testing I gave it. One thing that gets me mad, though, is that I registered on the Real Unix Player messageboards to give feedback about the installer crash and some other things I found. The boards are all fully moderated so someone needs to approve your post before it goes up. That's fine, but now two days later my post is still not up. Are they really interested in feedback? Why not post my message to a hundred people don't report the same thing?

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, my Diablo II Druid is up to 13th level now, I'm almost through Act I. There's something frightfully fun about becoming a werewolf and ripping up your enemies into little nuggets. Almost too much fun, actually. Getting some work done this week would be A Good Thing too.

In totally unrelated news, today my beloved Red Wings start their march for another Stanley Cup! I hope they do well because all the other Detroit teams are awful. The Lions are hosting the Monday night game this weekend. They won't have a sellout so mercifully it should be blacked out back home. I predict that the Lions will lose by at least four touchdowns.

Oh, and this is just so very, very wrong.

Serious Sam Port to Linux?

Someone by the name of Ryan "icculus" Gordon updated his .plan to give a few brief comments on porting Croteam's Serious Sam. Here's the whole blurb:
Yes, I'm porting it. No, there's no timeframe right now. Email me with questions, and I'll start a FAQ or something.
Thanks Linux Games.

UPDATE! Guess I should have known who he was. He works for Loki and has worked on the Q3A and UT ports as well as developing Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL). So there.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, Diablo II is sucking up just as much of my life as I imagined it was going to. It's a peck of fun and my Druid continues to climb the level ladder. J.t.Qbe is talking about picking up the Diablo Battle Chest too (just $39.99 at Best Buy this week. No affiliation, yadda, yadda.), so maybe we can restart our old RPG playing kick from college. Although now instead of being right next to each other, we will be about 400 miles apart, but still . . .

RealOne Alpha for Linux Released

RealNetworks has released a preview/alpha version of their RealOne (aka RealPlayer 9) streaming media player for libc6 i386 Linux. Check out the download directions on Linux Today. It just got done downloading for me. I'll let you know how it works.

UPDATE! OK, it's definitely an alpha release. It defaults to trying to install under your home directory which is probably just as well so it doesn't nuke your current RealPlayer installation. The installer segfaulted on me, but it seemed to get all the files installed because the program itself will run. The new UI is very slick (dare I say, very non-Linux in a good way) and will include support for different skins. Finally there are bookmarks available. I'll do some more testing and report back.

AbiWord 0.9.4 Released

AbiSource has released version 0.9.4 of their cross-platform, open-source word processor, AbiWord. You can read the release notes here. You can get binaries for most major OSes or snag the source code. Among the changes in this new version is the debut of a WordPerfect filter! I'll definitely be checking that out. Thanks Linux Today.

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