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Monday, October 29, 2001

Berners-Lee on the MSN Fiasco

Dan Gilmour interviewed Tim Berners-Lee on the whole fiasco of MSN temporarily blocking non-IE browers. The theory was that the blocked browsers were not compliant with all the current web standards. Here's an interesting retort to that from Berners-Lee:
If the claim for standards-compliant browsers is to be considered true, then it would follow that the msn site itself follows W3C standards for either HTML or XHTML, for CSS (style sheets) and for Web Accessibility. One can test the compliance of the site by using the W3C Validator Service, at this site.

Running the homepage through the validator on Friday showed the site did not use valid XHTML and did not meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

So if the site doesn't use W3C standards, and browsers that provide more full support for them are blocked out, I would also like to know what the reason is.
Excuse me while I smile quietly to myself. Thanks Slashdot.

MOO3 Interview

There's an excellent Interview with QuickSilver Software on the upcoming Master of Orion 3, posted over on HomeLan. Lots of good details and juicy bits for those looking forward to the 3rd iteration of the excellent Master of Orion series of games.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

NFL Week #7 So Far

I'm still on vacation, but I thought I'd check in with a brief NFL update (man, I miss my DSL). Eeyore and I are tied this week at 8-5 with one game left. That's not great, but it sure beats last week's 3-10. I was stupid enough to go with the Lions and that did me in. At least I got over my fixation with picking Kansas City. Oh yeah, my fantasy team won by over 60 points.

XP = Blech

Got a chance to check out Windows XP today. Father-in-law decided to pick up one of those E-Machine jobs, which now comes with XP-Home edition. Lemme say this right up front: I was considering picking up XP-Pro because I need some more stability for Windows development than I'm getting with Win-ME (Stable? A win9x system? Heh-that's pretty funny...)

So, I was willing to give this thing a pretty open minded look-over. All I can say: XP is kinda like the controllers on the new X-Box. Really overblown and cute. No content. Gads, they completely TRASHED the interface, made it all Macintosh cute, and dumbed it down. I hope you can turn some of that crap off, or I'm going to go insane seeing it every time we set up a new machine at work. Took me forever to find the Windows Update junk (buried it in the help system) and the system device listing is even more deeply buried than in 2K (and that took doing). I am completely grossed out. Plus a lot of Win9x software completely torks on XP. They don't include the older MFC dlls, so all that software crashes out, and I found a game (Sorry!, by Hasbro) that does the "no tellie" crash after the intro movie. Whee. Thhpptt.

A.T. Hun comments: I found out this weekend that my Mom got it in her head that they needed XP on their home machine. I laughed because a) it's a K6-233 with 64M RAM and b) the very concept of my parents updating the OS on their machine is almost too funny for words . . . except for the fact that I would get all the "support" calls.

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