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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Civ3 Released Today

One of the big releases of the year, for me at least, is Civilization III. I went to Babbage's today to see if they had it, but they won't be getting it until tomorrow. That's ok--I'll be waiting until it goes on sale at Best Buy next week. Ten years ago I paid full price for Civ Classic at Best Buy, without reading a review, and it was worth every penny. Ditto CivII. Gamespot already has a rave review posted, so it's a pretty sure bet.

Yikes. Civ3, Wiz8, and a baby due any day. This fall's going to be a blur.

Wizardry 8 Demo Released

Cool! It was supposed to be tomorrow, but it's out ahead of schedule! Check out the news and links at the official Wizardry 8 site. It's 142MB and the file servers appear to be pretty swamped, but I'm pulling it down anyway. Official release day is November 15, so here's a chance to see what's coming.

As If Anthrax Weren't Enough. . .

You thought Anthrax was scary? Now Florida authorities are beginning to report outbreaks of Megadeth and Pantera. This needs to be stopped!

Background Checks for CD-RW Buyers

In its never-ceasing struggle to keep you from copying music, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is pushing for background checks and a waiting period for those who want to buy CD burners. You can read all about it here. What'll they think of next?

NFL Week #7 Final

Much better this week. Eeyore and I tied at 9-5, regaining a modest amount of dignity in the process. Overall I am 59-40 (.596) and Eeyore is 52-47 (.525). Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come!

Monday, October 29, 2001

Berners-Lee on the MSN Fiasco

Dan Gilmour interviewed Tim Berners-Lee on the whole fiasco of MSN temporarily blocking non-IE browers. The theory was that the blocked browsers were not compliant with all the current web standards. Here's an interesting retort to that from Berners-Lee:
If the claim for standards-compliant browsers is to be considered true, then it would follow that the msn site itself follows W3C standards for either HTML or XHTML, for CSS (style sheets) and for Web Accessibility. One can test the compliance of the site by using the W3C Validator Service, at this site.

Running the homepage through the validator on Friday showed the site did not use valid XHTML and did not meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

So if the site doesn't use W3C standards, and browsers that provide more full support for them are blocked out, I would also like to know what the reason is.
Excuse me while I smile quietly to myself. Thanks Slashdot.

MOO3 Interview

There's an excellent Interview with QuickSilver Software on the upcoming Master of Orion 3, posted over on HomeLan. Lots of good details and juicy bits for those looking forward to the 3rd iteration of the excellent Master of Orion series of games.

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