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Monday, November 5, 2001


Okay, yeah, I just borked The Haus. It's unborked now. Man, do I need a development server. Sorry about that . . .

CrossOver Demo Released

Codeweavers has released a demo of their CrossOver plugin for Linux. CrossOver allows you to run QuickTime, Shockwave, and other things in Linux via WINE. While the demo is fully functional, it is nag-ware, which is annoying. I haven't yet been able to get it to work with Netscape or Mozilla, but I have run QuickTime alone and it works quite well, albeit more slowly than Win98. Those of you with processors mightier than my timid Celery 400 will fare better. Thanks /.

And yes, I did watch the Episode II trailer with it :)

Episode II Trailer Released has released the mini-trailer for Episode II: Attack of the Clones. If you are a member, you can download the trailer here. If you aren't you can still get the trailer from Apple. Quicktime is required. Thanks Slashdot.

WolfMP Test 2 Linux released

According to a .plan update by Robert Duffy of id, the Linux client for the new Wolfenstein MP Test 2 is now available. Right now it's available on the id FTP site, but I'm sure the mirrors will be flying shortly.

A.T. Hun comments: <Cartman>Sweeeet.</Cartman> Linux Games has a changelog for this version. May I also add that all this talk of an "ABBA" mode is freaking me out. Mama mia!

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Wolfie Multiplayer Test 2

Activision has released a second multiplayer test of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It weighs in at 57.7M. Blue's News has a list of mirrors. On that page there is also a rather long list of things that were changed or fixed since the first multiplayer test. No word on a Linux version just yet.

Yankees Lose!

I didn't really care about the World Series that much. However, I was really sick of the Yankees winning all the time. No offense intended to the people of New York who have gone through so much recently, but I pulled for the D'backs just on principle.

My beloved (and very bad) Detroit Tigers are going to name the Marlins' Dave Dombrowski as their new president early this week. He was the architect of the Marlins' World Series championship team. Hopefully he can bring some respect back to the Motor City.

NFL Week #8 So Far

WOW! The end of the Bears game was unbelievable. Down by 14 points with less that two minutes left and they won it in overtime. Amazing stuff. My Lions failed to get one in the wins column, dropping them to 0-7. I've seen some seriously bad Lions teams in my day, but ye gads. Anyway, with the two prime-time games left, I am a much more fashionable 9-3 while Eeyore is 7-5. The Bears and Giants comebacks saved this from being another ugly weekend.

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