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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

The Path to Linux, Part I: Mozilla

As many of you know, I began using Linux as my primary operating system in the end of August. Today I begin a series of articles on things that have made my transition to Linux more smooth. It is entitled The Path to Linux, Part I: Mozilla. Find out why Mozilla deserves to be the first in this series.

More Wolfie Maps?

id's Christian Antkow made a post on Shacknews indicating that there are more multiplayer Return to Castle Wolfenstein maps out there waiting to be released.
Heh, actually, Nerve finished a bunch of maps, but some of them didn't make it into the retail release. Plans are currently to release those maps at some point in the not-so-distant-future.

If you like mp_destruction, there is another great map they did named "Trench Toast" that's a blast to play... I'd love to see that map released.
From the reviews I've read, the single player part of Wolfie is cool, but the multiplayer is awesome.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

RTCW Linux Binaries Posted

Xian made a .plan update indicating that Linux binaries are now available for Wolfenstein:
Wolfenstein Linux binaries are now up on our FTP server. *BIG* thanks to Timothee for kicking ass in getting this stuff up.

I've been testing the OSX server at that Graeme built, and it seems pretty darn stable, so hopefully that will be released in the very near future as well.
A.T. Hun comments: Linux Games is reporting that these binaries work for multiplayer only. Single player doesn't work yet. However, this is still great news for folks wanting to set up servers.

I held a tin box copy of RTCW in my hands this evening. They had about six copies on the shelves. They were $5 more than the regularly boxed edition. However, I was not about to drop $59 on a game. Sorry. I'll wait for the inevitable sale. Or, better yet, Christmas.


I always wanted to use that as a headline. Slashdot posted a reader interview with Ben Edlund, the creator of The Tick comic book, cartoon series, and now live-action show on Fox. My wife and I are big fans of The Tick and tape the new series everytime it's on. Now I just need to find what channel the cartoon is on these days!

RTCW Availability

id's Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan with information on the worldwide release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein as well as the status of the Mac and Linux ports. Here's the whole thing in all its glory:
Latest Wolf European release date info!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be on shelves across Europe (except for Spain and Italy) by this coming Friday. Spain and Italy will get theirs the following Friday. I'm still waiting on info for Asia/Pacific.

Other news:

Mac is still "soon" (i.e., before Christmas) and the Linux binary release is "sooner". So don't harass Timo and Graeme too much - they're working hard.

NFL Week #11 Final

Well, it ended as weird as it began. The Bucs beating the Rams in St. Louis? Wow. Hey, maybe that means the Lions can beat the Bears this weekend! OK, maybe not. At any rate, I ended the week at a keep-your-head-above-water 8-7 for the second week in a row while Eeyore/Justin was 7-8. Year to date that makes me 94-64 (.595) while Eeyore is 85-73 (.538). Oh yeah, my fantasy team got crushed too. Whee!

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