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Tuesday, December 4, 2001

@Home Cuts Deals

CNet is reporting that Cox, Comcast, and Rogers Cable have cut deals with @Home to continue broadband service to their customers for the next three months. They are in discussions with Charter as well. Translation: @Home will provide the service until they can get their own networks going. Excite@Home's bondholders' hard-ball tactics have pretty much ensured that they are going to get nothing on their investments. Thanks Slashdot.

And, contrary to what Slashdot is reporting, AT&T customers are not all back online. They didn't read the press release from Sunday that they quoted which says about 10% of their customers are back online.

I also love the bleeding hearts who are blaming Excite@Home's demise on AT&T. Oh, puhlease. Let's see, where shall we start? How about in January of 1999 when @Home bought Excite for $6.7 billion. Yes, with a "b". Fast forward to October 1999 when Excite@Home buys Blue Mountain for $780 million. Basically it was a bunch of clueless dot commers who thought they could burn through venture capital forever. Well, when it came time for accountability, those in charge resigned. Hmmmm.

Oh, and if you are currently without broadband access, you might want to check out these guys. Or maybe not.

Monday, December 3, 2001

NFL Week #12 Final

This is one of the best weeks for picks that Eeyore and I have had in some while. She went 11-4 while I was 10-5. Year to date I am 104-69 (.601) while Eeyore is 96-77 (.555). I'm back over 60%! W00t! And my fantasy team won despite scoring only 66 points. Go fig.

UT2 in Progress?

I have to learn to read more carefully. I read this this morning and passed right over it. Computer and Video Games is reporting that Unreal Tournament 2 is in production. There has been no official announcement, just a bunch of "no comments." This could be interesting, depending on what they do with it. Thanks Blue.

Thanks, AT&T

Thanks for nothing, that is. Yes, their cable modem service went down early on Saturday morning. As of this afternoon, I'm still offline. I'm a telecommuter, so I need to be at work today, not "within the next 14 days" (as they say my broadband will be unavailable). They have no special offers available on their dialup service, either--you can pay the regular rates, after waiting a week to get their software.

Finally I popped in an MSN-free-month-trial CD I got at Staples this week and got online relatively painlessly. It isn't broadband, but it's better than no-band!

A.T. Hun comments: Hmmm, MSN or nothing, hmmmm. That'd be a tough decision!

J.t.Qbe comments: Well, I could've gone with AOL. . . No, I'd definitely rather have nothing!

More on CrossOver

I commented recently about how I shelled out the money for CodeWeavers' CrossOver plugin for Linux (story). With every day that goes by, my decision gets better and better. I'm rather suprised how seamlessly QuickTime and Shockwave integrate with both Netscape and Mozilla in Linux. Good stuff.

NFL Week #12 So Far

It's amazing the lengths my Lions will go to in order to lose. Three missed field goals by a kicker who hasn't done that since 1994. Two dropped touchdown passes. Charlie Batch gets killed . . . again. Defensive linemen who can't stay onside but make up for it by not stopping the run. It was a real team effort. The kicker is that the Bears tried to hand it to them too . . .

With tonight's game left, Eeyore leads me by one. She's 10-4 and I am 9-5. Who would have thought that Dallas would be Washington or, even worse, that Arizona would beat Oakland?

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