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Saturday, December 8, 2001

NFL Week #13

Eeyore's picks for this week: Packers, Giants, 49ers, Vikings, Panthers, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, Bucs, Bengels, Redskins, Raiders, Steelers, Broncos, Dolphins.

A.T. Hun comments: He's alive! Anyway, here are my picks for lucky week 13: Giants, Saints, Panthers, Packers, Rams, Patriots, Eagles, Bucs, Jaguars, Titans, Cardinals, Steelers, Raiders, Broncos, Dolphins.

UPDATE! Ooops, sorry about that. I really should remember to close my tags . . .

PRC Tools in Linux Update

I updated my HOWTO about setting up the PRC Tools in Linux. The PRC Tools allow you to write programs for the PalmOS. I updated some information on compiling more recent versions of the PalmOS emulator with a more recent version of gcc.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

DNF to Include Bots

George Broussard made this post, indicating that Duke Nukem Forever will include full bot support. This is assuming that the game will one day come out. Here's the scoop:
It's been a really long time since we posted anything about DNF, so I thought I'd post this. We're happy to confirm that DNF will feature full bot support.

The bots are in and working now. Very well in fact. This was essentially one of the last major hurdles/features in our multiplayer plans.

The bots understand and use our skeletal animation system and are proficient with 2-3 guns at the moment. We expect near full weapon proficiency before Xmas.

You can start a match, select how many bots you want to play against, tweak their settings and have a blast. We've setup games with nothing but bots and watched them fight it out and watched the score distributions.

We were initially a little concerned that getting the bots to UT's level would be difficult, especially with our animation system, but it was surprisingly easy. Jess got them in and online in about 2 weeks. The hard work is done, and now it's just polish issues like teaching them new guns, inventory items, and game types as we go along.
Thanks Blue.

Visor ROM Transfer Update

I updated my HOWTO for transferring the Handspring Visor's ROM today. I added a link to a thread on VisorCentral that has fixes for many common problems. I also added the exhortation to sync your PDA before trying this. Better safe that sorry.

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