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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, it's pretty much a non-descript news day. I've been scouring the hardware sites trying to plan my next upgrade. I need to keep things as cheap as possible. The big debate is whether to go with a Duron with DDR or get an Athlon Tbird but use my PC133 SDRAM. The SDR route would give me a faster processor, but far less bandwidth. The DDR route would give me more bandwidth, but without a processor that can really make use of it all. Decisions, decisions.

The Verdict

I just got back from seeing The Fellowship of the Ring. It's amazing. Whether you've read the book or just want to see a good movie, go. And in case you haven't heard, it's 3 hours long, so don't drink a large pop at the beginning.

And the preview for Spider-Man was a nice treat too!

A.T. Hun comments: I'm really amazed that this movie has been so well received. There are so many hardcore Tolkein geeks out there any minor problems would be torn to shreds. Every review I've read has been very positive. I may actually have to read the books now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

NFL Week #14 Final

Well, ol' A.T. did pretty well this week. I ended up 10-5 (including picking my Lions' first win) and Eeyore was 9-6. Year-to-date I am 125-78 (.616) and Eeyore is 116-87 (.571). The sad thing is that my non-playoff-making fantasy team would have scored 123 points this weekend, enough to beat any team in my league. Aarrgghh!

Firing Squad RtCW Review

The Firing Squad has produced the most in depth review of Return to Castle Wolfenstein that I have read so far. Once I get a system upgrade, I'm going to need to pick this one up. The multiplayer test was almost too much fun.

WP8 Filtrix Fix

The Filtrix file convertors for WordPerfect 8 for Linux had a bug that caused them to stop working due to the Unix One Billion Second bug. Unfortunately Corel has abandoned the product (which is sad on many levels). Some fine folks in the Netherlands came up with a fix so the convertors can be used again. I've tried the fix and they work like a charm. Thanks Linux Today.

<soapbox>COREL! Since you've abandoned Linux, release WP8/Linux as open source! It is still one of the best (if not THE best) Linux word processor out there. Keep that work alive. Open it up!</soapbox>

Possible New Email Worm

Symantec is warning about a potential new mass-mailing worm. If you receive an email of the following form, Symantec recommends against visiting the site:

Subject line: HI !!
Body: http:// Hi. I found cool site. It's really cool.

With the recently discovered hole in most IE browsers, you should beware--currently the linked site is being examined to see if it takes advantage of any IE holes, besides the usual virus behavior of mailing itself to everyone in your address book. Oh, of course this is a Microsoft/Outlook-only worm. That's pretty much assumed these days, isn't it?

Adventures with MPlayer

MPlayer is an open-source movie player that can handle just about any file format known. It is also one of the most popular projects out there for that very reason. But have you ever tried to compile and install it? I did and it struck me like it was designed at the Institute for Punitive Computing. Read about Joe Barr's efforts to get it running in his LinuxWorld article entitled MPlayer: The project from hell. Because it does work so well, I feel the effort is worth it. But with a minimum amount of effort and about 50% less attitude from the developers, it could be much easier to use. Thanks Slashdot.

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