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Thursday, December 27, 2001

Stomped: An Ex-Website

HomeLAN got word that Stomped is closing its doors for good to focus on its Stomping Grounds LAN center. The writing has been on the wall since they let Redwood go. While people may mourn this, there are only so many news-only sites the web can support. The fittest survive, the weakest don't. That's Business 101. Sad, but not surprising.

Pondering the Imponderable

My wife and I decided yesterday to sign a new two-year contract with our cellular provider in order to get a discount on a new phone. Our old one worked OK, but it is analog only, the battery life isn't the greatest, and it is huge. So we ended up getting a Motorola StarTac ST7868W (N.B. We don't have Verizon, but that's our phone). We liked it because of the small form factor and a slew of features. Even better, our provider (Cellcom) told us that the tower here in town will be going digital very soon. They are also working on getting SMS messaging and data services rolled out. That's a cool thing, because I discovered that there is a cable to connect this phone to my Handspring Visor. The possibilities are endless <evil grin>.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

RtCW for Linux in Beta Tests

Linux Games got word that the single-player Linux binaries for Return to Castle Wolfenstein are currently in beta testing. Hopefully, that means that we won't have to wait much longer. The binaries for multiplayer (for people wanting to run dedicated servers) have already been released (story).

Merry Christmas!

A merry and most blessed Christmas from the staff of The Haus! My kids opened their presents last night. I think it's safe to say that we've cornered the world's supply of plastic. Fortunately they are getting old enough to get cool toys like Hot Wheels cars. Hey, a dad's got to have reason to play, doesn't he? As far as my potential computer upgrade goes, nothing is etched in stone, but let's just say things are looking favorable :)

The Master comments: Actually, Eeyore has argued that we have our fair share of the plastic supply locked up in Bob the Builder toys.

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