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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

WriteRights Done, Um, Properly

Some time ago I had heard that you could use the WinCE WriteRight screen protectors on a Handspring Visor. Unfortunately, I had just bought a pack of the ones for various Palms and the Visor. They protect the screen well, but substantially blur the screen (in the name of "glare reduction"). Tonight I bought a pack of the WinCE ones with a Compaq iPAQ on the front. They do work pretty well. The width is fine but the height is about a 1/4" too short. You could make up for it by putting a bit of scotch tape on the graffiti area and line the WriteRight up with the top of the screen. Despite the minor size difference, they look a lot better and the display is much crisper and clearer. Highly recommended.

MOH:AA Demo Update

Blue was asked by Electronic Arts to remove the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault single player demo that was posted yesterday (story). They asked that the file be kept offline until January 8.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

NFL Week #16 Final

Well, there was good reason that I had a bad feeling about my picks. On a big weekend of upsets, I was 5-10, by far my worst weekend ever. Eeyore was a slightly more respectable 7-8. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Year to date that puts me at 141-92 (.605) and Eeyore is 133-100 (.571). Yikes, now I'll have to have a decent weekend just to keep my head over .600 for the year!

Threewave 1.1 Released

As promised, the Threewave team has released the 1.1 patch for their popular Quake III Arena Capture the Flag modification. Check their list of mirrors and get downloading! The 1.1 patch is 3.1M. You will need 1.0 installed first.

Threewave 1.1 Today

The Threewave CTF team will be releasing version 1.1 of their popular CTF mod for Quake III Arena this evening at 6 P.M. U.S. Central time. Here's a list of the changes:One word: sweeeeeet. Thanks Planet Quake.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault SP Demo

A version of the single-player demo for 2015's Quake III-powered game, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, has made its way to the Net. You can download a copy from Blue's list of mirrors. It weighs in at a pretty substantial 150.4M. It doesn't contain the DirectX 8 files it asks to install, so make sure you say "no" to that question.

UPDATE! I got it downloaded and gave it a whirl. At first, I thought it crashed when I tried to load a level. After further investigation I discovered that for whatever reason it was trying to contact the Internet and appeared to freeze since ZoneAlarm was waiting for my response. Once I got all that sorted out, I played a bit. Boy, and I thought that Wolfenstein taxed my system. Parts of this level became a slideshow. Obviously my poor Celery 400's days are numbered. The game seemed cool with a real "you are there" feel, but my machine is just too underpowered to make it playable.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2002! Another year and the news script successfully survives. I guarantee that this will be another year of whatever it is we do here at The Haus. Here's the number one gaming question I have for the new year: Will Duke Nukem Forever be released?

Enjoy all the football games today. Go Wolverines!

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